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Faculty and Staff Information

Meet the dedicated and talented faculty and staff of the Performing and Visual Arts programs at Eastern Florida State College!

Three categories of exceptional individuals serve our students, and they are passionate about nurturing artistic talent and fostering creativity:

Together, our faculty and support staff create a vibrant environment in which students can thrive and develop their artistic, musical, and theatrical skills. They're committed to empowering students and preparing them for success in the arts.

Get to know our esteemed faculty and staff members, and experience their passion for the arts as they guide and inspire you on your artistic journey!

Full-Time Faculty

Our full-time faculty members bring a wealth of expertise and experience to their roles. With their extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence, they provide comprehensive instruction, mentorship, and guidance to students pursuing their artistic aspirations.

Dr. ChanJi Kim
Dr. ChanJi Kim
Professor of Music (Music Theory and Composition)
Email Dr. Kim321-433-5790

Dr. Kim composes for dance, chamber ensembles, orchestra, multimedia performances, and electroacoustic music. READ MORE

Dr. Robert Lamb
Dr. Robert Lamb
Professor of Music, Program Manager & Director of Choral Activities
Email Dr. Lamb321-433-7629

Dr. Robert E. Lamb was appointed at EFSC in August of 1998. He is currently Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities. READ MORE

Selena Ambush
Selena Ambush
Theatre Instructor
Email Selena321-433-7384

Selena Ambush relocated to Central Florida after more than a decade as a theatre artist in NYC and as a faculty member of Pennsylvania State University's Theatre Department. READ MORE

Lynn Spencer
Lynn Spencer
Professor of Humanities and Drawing
Email Lynn321-433-5680


Joanna White
Joanna White
Professor of Art
Email Joanna321-433-5798

Professor White completed her MFA in Studio Art at Florida State University in 2005 with a concentration in installation and inter-media work. READ MORE

Bobbie McMillan
Bobbie McMillan
Art Instructor
Email Bobbie321-433-7280

Bobbie McMillan completed her Master of Arts degree in Ceramic Arts from Hood College, located in Fredrick, Maryland, in 2015. READ MORE

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty include accomplished professionals from various artistic disciplines. They bring their real-world expertise and industry insights to the classroom, offering valuable perspectives and practical knowledge to EFSC students. Their linked name will let you email them.

Elizabeth Allen-Cannon
321-433-5615 Read Bio
Steven Amann
352-348-8266 Read Bio
Mark Baker
321-591-4094 Read Bio
Sarah Cheatham
Scott Cockerham
321-536-9196 Read Bio
Sally Cook
321-223-6798 Read Bio
Georgi Galalles
Art History
Eric Lee
Igor Markstein
321-258-5745 Read Bio
Joan Markstein
321-256-5736 Read Bio
Christian Martin
Susan McQuinn
321-626-1900 Read Bio
Jon Oxford
321-987-0734 Read Bio
Matt Pieper
407-797-5519 Read Bio
Dustin Robertson
Art Appreciation
3-D Art
Justin Walker
Brevard Chorale

Support Staff

Behind the scenes, our support staff plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the department. From administrative tasks to technical support, they're dedicated to providing a supportive environment that enhances the teaching and learning experience for students.

Paul McKee
Theatre Sound
Alyssa Barrack
Theatre Technician