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A collage of students performing on stage during various theatrical productions.

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Selena Ambush
Theatre Instructor

Theatre Program

Discover exciting opportunities through the Theatre program at Eastern Florida State College! Whether you dream of captivating audiences through acting, directing awe-inspiring productions, or bringing stories to life through stage design, our dynamic theatre program offers a transformative experience for all aspiring theatre enthusiasts.

Theatre students may be eligible for program scholarships.

In Acting I and Acting II, you'll learn fundamental acting techniques through monologues and scene study, exploring various play types like American Realism, Greek, Elizabethan, and French farce.

Voice and movement, audition techniques, and directing courses prepare you for advanced theatre work, while stagecraft and theatre rehearsal performance classes culminate in full stage productions.

While our program doesn't result in a theatre-specific degree, you can major in theatre by taking specific classes for your Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, laying a strong foundation for transfer to a bachelor-level program at another institution or direct entry into a career.

We encourage you to work with an EFSC advisor and knowledgeable theatre program faculty for personalized guidance and support as you plan your A.A. electives and any prerequisites required by a bachelor program.

For a comprehensive exploration of the courses offered each term, we highly recommend utilizing our Theatre Class Search Tool. This invaluable resource empowers you to effortlessly navigate through the range of course options each term as you plan your schedule, strategically chart your academic path, and confidently select the courses that perfectly align with your theatrical aspirations.

Theatre Class Search Tool