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Academic Communities

Finding Your Career Pathway at EFSC

Academic Communities at Eastern Florida State College represent eight career pathways, identified by the State of Florida, as a way to group academic programs at Florida state colleges. The state also refers to these as meta-majors.

Your goal is to find an academic community that fits your interests and then review its degrees and certificates that help you prepare for a rewarding career. The Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree is a popular choice if you plan to then earn a bachelor program — and it's the one degree that's part of all eight communities because you can customize A.A. elective courses for your intended bachelor program's prerequisites.

Each academic community pathway has identified gateway courses in English and Mathematics — the first courses that provide transferable, college-level credit which allow students to progress in their program of study.

When Florida Legislators created the pathways and meta-major concept, they also required that first-time-in college students meet with an advisor before they start classes. You may not know exactly what you want to major in, but may have a general idea. EFSC's Career Services team can help you match your interests with a career pathway and an EFSC advisor can help you choose classes and plan for the future.

EFSC Programs by Academic Community

Theater cast group


Arts, Humanities, Communication, & Design also includes creative options such as writing, music, theatre, and digital media.

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Business people shaking hands


This is a good choice if you see yourself as a business owner or manager, or working in accounting, finance, or marketing.

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Educator listening to student


To make an impact as a teacher, classroom aide, principal, or in some other academic role, choose the Education Community.

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A group of nursing students

Health Sciences

From nursing to veterinary technician, our health science programs can lead to a career in the healthcare field.

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A engineering professor with a rocket model


Industry/Manufacturing & Construction includes fields such as drafting and design, machining, air conditioning, and welding.

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A fire fighter student in a firetruck

Public Safety

The Public Safety community is the path to careers as a police officer, paramedic, EMT, firefighter, or corrections officer.

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A science student working with a petri dish


Are you interested in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics? The STEM community is for you!

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A counselor with a patient

Social Sciences

Want to help others as a social worker? Or explore the fields of Social & Behavioral Sciences & Human Services?

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