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Course Registration Tutorial


How to Register for EFSC Classes

Fall Term course registration is available for all eligible students. Review course options now using the Class Schedule Search tool. Contact your advisor for planning assistance if needed. Once you've used the Class Schedule to know the classes and sections you want, then using the myEFSC/Titan Web online system to register is the fastest, easiest way to go.

Watch the YouTube video about the updated way to register online through TitanWeb. Review the tips in the accordion below to prepare for online registration. Plus if you are not already a student apply using our online application so you can complete admission requirements and be ready to register for fall term.


Important Term & Course Registration Dates

Table caption text.
Summer 2024
Fall 2024
Spring 2025

Priority Course Registration Started: March 18

Regular Course Registration 
April 1

12 Week A: 5/13-8/2
6 Week B: 
8 Week C: 
6 Week D: 

View all Summer Dates
Summer Dates PDF

Priority Course Registration 
April 22

Regular Course Registration 
May 6

Full Term: 8/12-12/6
12 Week I: 8/12-11/1
Mini A: 8/12-10/4
12 Week II: 9/9-12/6
Mini B: 10/7-12/6

View all Fall Dates

Priority Course Registration 
October 21

Regular Course Registration 
November 4th

Full Term: 1/13-5/9
12 Week I: 1/13-4/11
Mini A: 1/13-3/7
12 Week II: 2/10-5/9
Mini B: 3/10-5/9

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Important Note: Advisors offer in-person sessions, plus virtual options to assist students. See the advising section of the accordion below for more details. Students who can self-register online should do so.

Registration Tips: Click the topic to reveal details

Get ready to register: Start with this initial checklist
Prior to registering, please be certain you:
    • Have been admitted as a student to the College
    • Are an active student. If you have not attended EFSC in one or more years (three consecutive semesters), your records have been inactivated and you must submit another Application for Admission to reactivate your records.
    • Have no Registration Holds on your record: Check the Message Center icon inside myEFSC to view holds and other important information.
    • If your hold is the requirement to complete the Online Orientation, visit the Orientation page for how to do that.
    • Have reviewed your myGPS graduation plan
    • Have talked with your academic advisor at least several weeks before the start of open registration to confirm your course registration plan

You can research courses you'd like to register for using EFSC's Online Class Schedule Search Tool. Make a note of the 5-digit CRN (Course Reference Number), which is unique to your desired course, campus, class day and time. Having those numbers available when you register online or in-person can speed up the process and helps you be sure you are choosing the course section that's your top choice.

Look over our Course Delivery information page for details on face-to-face, hybrid and online class formats as you plan what type of classes you want to take. Sometimes combining on-campus and online classes is a good fit.

You can download the Registration Planning Form to use as a worksheet with your self-registration process for online registration of classes or bring it with you if you are required to register with an advisor.

Familiarize yourself with the meaning of common registration-related terms through our easy to use online glossary.

Verify your financial aid or veteran's benefits, if applicable.

How to register online

View your academic record, register, change your class schedule, and make payment on the Web. Registering online saves you time, and is available 24/7 during published registration dates.

You can watch the entire course registration process in the video, which covers the updated TitanWeb services system that was improved mid-September 2023.

You can also see the process in the Online Course Registration Tutorial PDF or you can follow the steps below.

Registration Steps

Identify your course(s)
A reminder to use EFSC's online Class Schedule Search Tool to find courses. Make note of the 5-digit CRN — the Course Reference Number unique to your selected course, campus, class day, and time. You can use that same CRN when you are registering online to be sure you are signing up for the same class section you found while planning.

Log into myEFSC
Acccess the myEFSC Sudent Services Portal by entering your Student Email and Password. If you forgot your Password, click on "Reset My Password" and follow the directions. FYI: You'll find a myEFSC log-in at the top of each web page on your desktop computer or if browsing on a smart phone, the link will be in the area that drops down after you tap the Menu icon in the site's mobile-friendly view.

Once logged in, select the "TitanWeb" icon.
rows of icons with Titan Web as first icon
⇒ On the Student Services Landing Page, choose the link called: "Registration/Add/Drop Withdraw from Classes"

⇒ On the next screen, choose "Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw"

⇒ From the Select a Term dropdown menu, choose your term and click "Continue"

⇒ Search for classes based on subject, course name, number, keyword, instructor, and/or campus (which includes a filter for eLearning Online classes). Be sure to click "Search" to execute. (You can also click the "Enter CRNs" tab and use the CRNs that you wrote down from the Class Schedule Search on the college website to speed up your search).

⇒ Hover over the meeting times for the section you are interested in to see the start and end dates so you know whether it's a full-term or short-term course. If you used the Class Schedule before logging in and wrote down a CRN, you can compare that to the list of courses as well.

⇒ Click the "Add" button at the end of the row to add that class selection to your schedule. Please note that the class status will show as "Pending" in your schedule summary until you click "Submit".

These steps are also available in the printable Registration and Advising Flyer.

Priority Registration: Who's Eligible?

Priority registration provides eligible students with early access to register for classes for the upcoming term. This advanced registration opportunity helps to ensure a student’s preferred course selection options before the official start of regular registration for all students, with class choices still based on availability at the time of registration.

Priority eligibility is available for the following EFSC students:

  • Students with at least 42 credits, calculated from both earned or in-progress, before the start of the current term
  • Bachelor students who have earned credits with passing grades in at least two terms of their baccalaureate program
  • Students actively participating in the Early College Dual Enrollment program with Brevard Public Schools
  • Students utilizing military/veteran education benefits

Registration holds will not allow any student to register. Students are encouraged to check the Message Center in their myEFSC portal to view and resolve any holds prior to the start of priority registration.

View the full academic calendar for a list of each term’s important dates.

How to view and print your schedule
  • Log in to myEFSC, entering your Student Email address and Password. If you forgot your Password, click on "Reset My Password" on the myEFSC page and follow the directions. You'll find a myEFSC log-in at the top of each web page on your desktop computer or if browsing on a smart phone, the link will be in the resources area of the "Menu" icon in the site's mobile-friendly view.
  • Click on Titan Web Services, then choose the "Registration/Add/Drop/Withdraw from Classes" link and on the next screen select "Register/Add/Drop/Withdraw."
  • Use the Select a Term dropdown to choose a term and click "Continue"
  • Click on the "Schedule and Options" tab to see a calendar view of your schedule and the option to print it.
Information about dropping and adding classes

Students must understand the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course. Students must also be sure if dropping or withdrawing from a course will impact their financial aid so it's best to check with the Financial Aid Office if you are unsure about the consequences of the change.

The difference between dropping or withdrawing from a course is based on the time of the semester at which the student takes action:

Drop: Student may complete the drop online via Titan web, or student must complete the Course Add/Drop Registration Planning Worksheet and submit to Advising. Dropping a course must be done on or before the "Last Day to Drop and Have Fees Adjusted" date published in the online Academic Calendar. If you are sure you want to drop, doing that online may be the best option because the Add/Drop period normally ends on a Sunday when advisors are not available.

• If a student drops a course, the course will not be included on the transcript and the student will receive a refund of tuition and fees paid for the course.

Add: Students can add a course during the term's published Add/Drop period online via Titan web or by completing the Course Add/Drop Registration Planning Worksheet and submitting it to Advising by the deadline. Adding a course online is the best option to ensure a class section is not full and because the Add/Drop period normally ends on a Sunday when advisors are not available.

Withdraw: Student must complete the Course Withdrawal process before the withdrawal date published in the online Academic Calendar. The course withdrawal period begins after the term's last day to drop a course and ends on the Last Day to Withdraw date in the academic calendar.

• If a student withdraws from a course, the course will be included on the transcript as a course attempt with a final grade of "W" and the student will not receive a refund of tuition. Student will be responsible for all associated course fees.

Please note: Dropping or withdrawing from a course must be completed by the processes outlined above. "Walking away" from a course, without officially dropping or withdrawing, may adversely affect the student's transcript and/or academic standing.

Registration Resources

The linked items below relate to courses, academic programs, student services, and support at EFSC. Reach out to your advisor or any part of the Student Services team if you have questions.