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Avoiding a Late Registration Fee

A non-refundable late registration fee will be assessed to all students registering for courses in a part of term after the first published fee due date for that part of term. This fee applies to late initial registration or registration after courses were dropped due to non-payment.

Once the late fee is in effect, students will be charged a one-time, per semester, $50.00 late registration fee for initial registration or adding courses during this time, which runs through the Drop/Add period in that part of term.

Check the Important Term Dates for the fee due date, to make sure you register for classes in time to avoid the late fee for each part of term.

Visit the Tuition and Fees web page for more information on paying your fees plus payment deadline information. All fees must be received by the dates and times noted on this website or you may be dropped for non-payment, from all the classes for which you registered.

If you are dropped for non-payment, reinstatement of dropped courses is not guaranteed. Classes that you originally registered for may be full and you may be unable to get the same schedule.

After each part of term's fee due date, payment is due on the day you register for a course and also for additions during the add/drop period.

Verify your schedule before Add/Drop ends

Students are financially responsible for all courses that appear on their schedule at the end of add/drop for each session. Students must drop unwanted courses by the end of add/drop. Do not assume you have been dropped for non-payment; review your student account to verify your intentional drop, or you will be responsible for payment.