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Course Delivery Information

The Class Schedule Search Tool is available to help you plan your Eastern Florida State College classes as you work to build a schedule and prepare to register for courses using our online registration system. 

In the Class Schedule, you will see four course types listed.

  • Face to Face: These courses are taught on-campus at the location and time listed. Faculty who are teaching face to face are required to meet with their students in the campus classroom at the course's scheduled times and dates. Faculty will use this time to deliver the course materials. No instruction will occur remotely.

  • Hybrid: A hybrid class combines both online and face-to-face coursework. At least 25% and no more than 75% of the class shall be campus hours in an assigned classroom at a specified day and time. Any online portion will be required to meet Online Quality Standards. The syllabus will outline dates, times, and modalities for face-to-face meetings.

  • HyFlex: This new course type provides flexibility for students as it takes place at a set day(s) and time(s) each week, with the instructor teaching in an EFSC on-campus classroom. However, students can choose to watch the livestream of the class at the same time in Canvas using their device. While the student has the flexibility to participate virtually, the lecture is not recorded and only available to watch via streaming at the same time as if attending on campus. This HyFlex course type will only be available for select lecture-style courses and not for classes with a lab or hands-on training components. There may be a limited number of classes that students are required to attend on campus. These dates will be stated on the syllabus, where instructors will also share details about streaming access, including any impact on assignments and exams. A webcam and microphone are required for all students who use the virtual option for attending a HyFlex class.

  • Online Course: These are traditional Eastern Florida Online classes without a specific day of the week listed. Online delivery is designed to be 100% online and delivered asynchronously, with no live lectures and no specific meeting times or dates. This teaching delivery method allows for maximum student flexibility. On the Class Schedule, you will see a placeholder time listed of 12:00 AM - 12:01 AM, but again, there are no specific meeting days or times and the online content is available 24 hours a day, with assignment deadlines shared by the instructor.
    Important Note: Since an Online class is assigned to Eastern Florida Online (EFO) and meets enhanced minimum virtual classroom standards and other quality requirements required of EFO classes, a distance learning fee is charged for an Online class.

EFSC's courses will be delivered in the modality listed on the Class Schedule, unless circumstances force adjustments. Course sections also are subject to cancellation if they do not satisfy the low enrollment criteria as agreed to by United Faculty of Florida and EFSC Administration.

As you review course options you can make an appointment to meet with your advisor if needed and plan your schedule before the last-minute rush. If you still need to apply to EFSC, review the admissions steps and apply now with our easy online application.