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Professional Development

We coordinate continuing education courses at EFSC and also in partnership with online provider ed2go.

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The contact for each Continuing Education course is listed on the course information page.

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Non-Credit Continuing Education Courses

Eastern Florida State College's continuing education options are designed to cater to diverse learning needs. These are courses that do not earn college credit, which means they can often be earned faster and in a more streamlined way.

Our courses are designed for professional development or to prepare for certification exams, and also as part of workforce training coordinated through EFSC (available in both in-person and online formats). Plus we offer short-term and longer-term online courses in partnership with ed2go.

This comprehensive approach provides you with the flexibility to enhance your career prospects and acquire new skills conveniently.

Workforce Training

EFSC's workforce training courses are designed with you in mind, aiming to provide you with practical, job-ready skills, improve your existing knowledge, and offer opportunities for professional development beyond your current job requirements.

EFSC focuses on supporting growing industries and emerging technologies, ensuring that you have the chance to engage in advanced technical training and learn up-to-date workplace practices. Explore standard course options below. Plus, if you're a business looking to provide tailored training for your employees, EFSC can collaborate with you to create custom workforce training programs.

Currently, workforce training is available in a range of areas:

When you enroll in a workforce training course, you'll enjoy several advantages, including convenient scheduling, no need for high school transcripts or placement tests, zero application fees, and the flexibility to register up to one week before your classes begin.

Online Career Training and Test Prep Through ed2go

ed2go logoThrough our partnership with ed2go, EFSC offers a range of fully online, self-paced programs designed to equip you with the skills needed for professional-level jobs in high-demand fields. We also offer Test Preparation Online Courses for popular exams such as the nursing and health sciences related TEAS, the law school admissions test LSAT, the widely accepted graduate school admissions test GRE, and more!

The ed2go career training courses are created by experts in their respective fields, ensuring effective online learning experiences. You won't be alone on this journey — dedicated instructors and mentors are available to actively support you, answering your questions and providing motivation for your success.

Two types of programs are available:

  1. Short-Term Professional Development and Personal Enrichment Courses: These interactive courses last for six weeks (with an extra two-week grace period at the end). They're hands-on and include lessons, quizzes, assignments, and more. You can complete them from the comfort of your home or office, anytime that suits you.

    Browse & Register: Short-Term ed2go Courses

    Starting at just $130, these courses cover various fields, including accounting and finance, business, computer applications, design and composition, healthcare and medical, language and arts, teaching and education, technology, and writing and publishing, helping you to reach your learning goals.

  2. Longer-Term Career Training and Certification Courses: These longer-term courses are designed to teach you professional-level skills in approximately six months. Each program provides all the necessary materials for your success, including books, lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Your performance is assessed through a combination of computer-graded tests and instructor evaluations. Upon successfully finishing the course, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion.

    Browse & Register: Longer-Term ed2go Courses

    These programs cover areas like healthcare and fitness, business and professional, IT and software development, management and corporate, media and design, hospitality and the service industry, legal professions, skilled trades and industrial, and sustainable energy and going green.

A few of the more popular programs include:

To explore our full list of online career ed2go classes, get detailed course descriptions, and register, visit EFSC's ed2go page. Your journey to acquiring new skills and advancing your career starts here!