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Important Note - Online Options:

On-campus foreign language courses are not currently available. You can view online Spanish options available through our partner ed2go, which also offers Beginning French, plus search ed2go for other language options.

Foreign Language Courses

Whether you're a professional on a work trip or an individual eager to delve into your ancestral language, EFSC is here to assist you with dynamic, non-credit French and Spanish classes! Our courses range from beginner to advanced, offering an interactive and cost-effective classroom experience tailored to your needs.

Our experienced instructors have a wealth of teaching experience and a dedicated group of returning students who appreciate their expertise.

Begin with the foundational class, where you'll acquire essential vocabulary, word recognition, and pronunciation skills. Professionals and travelers will also gain valuable cultural insights, understanding the customs and differences that foster respect when working or visiting abroad.

Foreign Language Courses


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Stephen Taylor, Workforce Training

Progress to the next level under your instructor's guidance, continuing your language journey. Successful completion of each class earns you an Eastern Florida State College certificate of achievement.

Explore your language options below to find the perfect fit for your language-learning goals.

Registration Information

Detailed information about our non-credit foreign language courses, including pricing, dates, and campus locations, is available through our online schedule and registration system.

If an upcoming class is currently at capacity, you can still join the waiting list. If you don't see a class listed in the online system, please check back later.

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Social Security Number Policy

In compliance with Florida statute 119-07(1): SSNs are requested for the sole purpose of registering non-credit, continuing education students. SSNs are confidential, are immediately converted to student IDs (B numbers) to ensure confidentiality, and may be used for no other purpose. SSNs may only be disclosed to another agency or governmental entity if necessary for the receiving agency or entity to perform its duties and responsibilities as authorized by law.

Course Details

Learn more about EFSC's foreign language courses, including course content and any prerequisites you should be aware of:

French (Français)
Beginning French (IBMX 0014)

If you're new to the French language, consider beginning your journey in our introductory French class — and bring a friend! In this course, you'll acquire fundamental vocabulary, basic word recognition skills, clear pronunciation, and even some practical writing for professional and travel purposes. Plus, you'll get an insightful introduction to French culture.

French Interaction and Conversation (IBMX 0054)

This course is designed for students who have prior experience with French, even if it was a while ago, and are eager to further enhance their conversational abilities. In this class, you'll have the chance to engage in interactive French conversations and improve your writing skills, especially for business and travel purposes. It's an engaging course that will help you immerse yourself in French culture!

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Spanish (Español)
Beginning Spanish (IBMX 0005)

In this introductory Spanish course, the primary focus will be on developing conversational communication skills, with an emphasis on cross-cultural interpersonal communication.

Intermediate Spanish (IBMX 0020)

This intermediate Spanish course will build upon the communication skills acquired in Beginning Spanish. Additionally, it will cover essential grammar, writing, and workplace communication.

Advanced Spanish (IBMX 0021)

The advanced Spanish course extends the vocabulary, word recognition, enunciation, and writing skills introduced in the intermediate class, with a focus on professional and travel applications. It emphasizes oral and auditory comprehension, employing grammar topics as essential tools.

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