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A man at laptop performing a job search and a woman at a job fair.

Career Services

The EFSC Career Services team is dedicated to connecting both job seekers and employers, serving as a valuable resource for students, alumni, and local businesses. Use our quick links for common topics, especially if you are a return visitor. Plus explore all the great resources below.

From career exploration and interest assessments to résumé writing assistance, interview preparation, internship coordination, job search strategies, and job fair hiring events, we provide EFSC students and alumni support at every step.

For employers, we offer opportunities to recruit talented individuals through job postings, internships, and networking events.

How Can We Help?

Our Career Services professionals are here to support you in your educational and career journey — plus get you ready for your job search. Start with our individualized career exploration and interest assessments to help you choose an academic program that fits your interests and goals.

Get personalized assistance through a résumé review session to effectively showcase your skills and experience so you'll stand out during interviews and job fairs.

Prepare for your job search and gain confidence by leveraging our valuable resources and expert guidance.

Connecting Students and Alumni with Potential Employers

EFSC Career Services acts as a vital link, connecting job seekers and employers by facilitating access to a wide range of job fairs, internships, and workshops while fostering connections that translate into success for both parties.

Students and Alumni

EFSC Career Services provides comprehensive job search support for both students and alumni, helping them to navigate the job market and find rewarding employment opportunities.

Info for Job Seekers

EFSC offers valuable internship opportunities for students, allowing them to gain real-world experience, develop skills, and establish connections in their desired fields, setting the stage for a successful future career.

Internships for Current Students


Employers have the opportunity to recruit top talent by partnering with us, gaining access to a pool of qualified applicants eager to contribute their skills and knowledge to the workforce.

Info for Talent Recruiters

Employers have the opportunity to host interns through EFSC, providing them with a valuable learning experience while accessing motivated and talented individuals who can contribute to their organization's goals and growth.

Employer Internship Info


Use EFSC's comprehensive career resources, designed to empower students and alumni.

Career Coach Logo

Career Coach is a powerful online tool that provides personalized career guidance, helping students to explore various career options.

Career Coach

Handshake Logo

Handshake is an online platform that connects students and alumni to employers with a wide range of job and internship opportunities.


YouTube Logo

EFSC's on-campus workshops and on-demand options via YouTube offer a wealth of resources to develop essential career and soft skills.


CareerSpots Logo

CareerSpots videos offer a valuable resource for students, providing informative and engaging video content on a variety of career-related topics.

CareerSpots Videos