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Employer Hiring Info

Plug into our talent pool! EFSC is committed to fostering strong connections between employers and students, offering a range of comprehensive services to facilitate successful recruitment and hiring processes.

Through our career fairs, Handshake job board, and employer networking events, we provide platforms for employers to showcase their opportunities and connect with talented students. Additionally, our internship programs enable employers to access motivated interns, while our Career and Technical Education experts offer training and certification programs to enhance employees' skills.

With EFSC's support, employers can efficiently recruit top talent, cultivate valuable partnerships, and contribute to the professional success of both students and their organizations.

List Your Open Jobs on Handshake

EFSC has partnered with Handshake, an online job listing platform that has become the #1 way that students search for jobs and internships.

Top employers (including all of the Fortune 500 companies) recruit students through Handshake, and we're excited to partner with you — our regional employers — to promote your job listings to local students and alumni. Be sure to check your account frequently for info on job fairs and other hiring events!

Use the link below to create your free Handshake account. If you already have one, you can connect it to EFSC by logging in through the same link:

Employer EFSC Handshake Login

Job Fairs on Campus

The EFSC Career Centers sponsor job fairs and pop-up hiring events such as Career Cafés with local, regional, and national employers during specific times of the year. There is no cost for employers to register and participate.

Joining Handshake is the best way to post your jobs and get information about future job fairs:

Register and Sign In To Handshake

You can also contact Career Services to be added to our employer notification email list.

Upcoming Hiring Events

On-Campus Recruitment

Have an urgent hiring need? You don't have to wait for a job fair to connect with EFSC students — Eastern Florida State College is the local hot spot to meet qualified candidates at any time! Your company can register to recruit on campus whenever you have an employment need.

We have private interview rooms inside each Career Center, where you can interview students for job positions you've posted through Handshake or are offering during a recruiting visit.

Please make your on-campus visit request at least three weeks in advance to allow us adequate time to market your recruiting event to students.

Contact Career Services for Scheduling

Recruit and Hire Interns Through EFSC

Our robust internship program connects you with motivated and skilled students, offering you a cost-effective solution to meet your business needs while fostering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. By hiring interns through EFSC, you have the opportunity to mentor and shape future professionals, build your talent pipeline, and identify potential long-term employees. Take advantage of this win-win opportunity and tap into a pool of exceptional interns ready to contribute to your organization's success.

EFSC Internship Info for Employers

Workforce Training for Your Employees

EFSC's Career and Technical Education experts also provide valuable technical and professional training opportunities for your employees. Our customized training programs are designed to enhance their skills, fill knowledge gaps, and keep them up-to-date with the latest industry trends while keeping you competitive in the market.

Whether it's technical training to improve their proficiency in specific tools or technologies, or professional development programs to enhance their leadership and communication skills, our experts are here to support your organization's growth. We can also help your employees prepare for and obtain required certifications, ensuring they have the necessary qualifications to excel in their roles.

Employee Workforce Training