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Career Services Workshops

EFSC Career Services facilitates multiple workshops to meet the needs of the college's students and alumni. Information about on-campus options is shared as events are scheduled. We also offer the topics on this page via YouTube to watch at any time!

Be sure to check the description section of each video on YouTube for helpful links and other info related to each topic.

Career Services also coordinates on-campus workshops on soft skills that students need to be successful in college and their careers, but that aren't formally taught in most college courses. Faculty: Contact Career Services to schedule a date and time for a classroom presentation.

Land That Job: Job Fair Workshop

A seated man in a polo shirt looks at a laptop screen.

You might be wondering how to prepare, what to expect, or even how to register for a hiring event, such as a job fair. EFSC Career Services is here to answer all your questions and more in this insightful video workshop that's filled with tips, tutorials, and details to help you navigate a job fair with ease!

How To Write a Winning Résumé Workshop

Two pieces of paper with the text "Use a Resume Worksheet to Help You."

Learn how to write an eye-catching résumé that will help you get your foot in the door to your dream job. Looking for additional advice?

Career Services provides free résumé review for EFSC students and alumni.

Etiquette in the Workplace Workshop

An infographic exploring what etiquette is.Engage with others in your workplace with professionalism and confidence. Learn how to make a great first impression, and review etiquette best practices that create a positive, more productive workplace. You’ll leave this workshop with practical skills that enhance your success quotient as a student, employee, and individual.

WATCH: Etiquette Workshop

Communicate Like a Pro: From Email to TikTok Workshop

A list of reasons why professional communication matters: It avoids misunderstandings and builds relationships, increases productivity, and enhances and reinforces your personal brand.Communication is one of the most important soft skills to master.

Learn about the different types of professional communication to effectively work with faculty, staff, employers, and fellow students.

WATCH: Communication Workshop

SMART Goals Get Results Workshop

SMART Goals Get Results Workshop Title ScreenLearn how to think smarter, not harder! SMART is an effective tool that provides clarity, focus, and motivation to achieve your goals. Get started by using our SMART Goals worksheet to help you create, measure, and design important action steps for each of your goals.

WATCH: SMART Goals Workshop

Time Management Workshop

Time Management: How to Organize and Plan the Day Workshop Title Screen with a Clock and a CalendarLearn how to organize and plan your day. Our workshop links (located in the YouTube description) include taking a self-test quiz to identify which aspects of time management you can most improve. Based on your results, you'll be able to discover specific tools to help you manage your time more efficiently and increase productivity.

WATCH: Time Management Workshop

How To Prepare for Your Interview Workshop

Four people in business attire meet at a table above the words: "The job interview is the single most make-it-or-break-it part of the job search process."Interviews don't have to be intimidating! Use our Interview Skills Workbook and other resources as you learn how to prepare in advance, discover how to make an impression, and get valuable interview tips and tricks.

Business Careers: Panel of Experts

Career Exploration: Business Series title with people icons and red play buttonExplore a career in the business field through this panel of experts discussion sponsored by the Career Center. Learn tips from their career journeys. Curious if your skills and interests match up to a certain business career? Contact us for a free career assessment.

WATCH: Business Panel of Experts