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Academic Integrity

Any form of academic dishonesty is subject to the disciplinary actions set forth in the Student Code of Conduct. Cheating, plagiarism, or any other misrepresentation of work is prohibited. See the EFSC Catalog for more details on the college's academic integrity policies.

Online Academic Integrity Requirement

If it is determined that persons other than the student are accessing a student's records in the Canvas classroom, the student will be removed from the class and receive a final grade of "F.” While students may have provided written consent for a third party to receive information regarding their educational records, that consent does not permit any other person besides the student to complete or access coursework within the classroom or online setting.

Computer Use Information

Do you need a computer for EFSC classes?

EFSC is committed to infusing technology across the college curriculum. Most of EFSC’s classes are complemented by online environments designed to facilitate communication, collaboration and dissemination of learning materials and resources. EFSC has a number of computer labs and resource centers available for student use. Basic computer skills are recommended for all programs of study, and you should be prepared to use technology in any course you take.

If you do not think your computer skills are sufficient, you should talk with an advisor. EFSC offers several courses and provides computer and Internet resources in the libraries and open labs.

Classes using the online learning environment:

Online Classes: These courses are taught completely via the Internet. You must have access to a computer to take these courses. Before you register, find out if you are likely to be a successful online student by completing the “Is Distance Learning for Me?” questionnaire.

Hybrid Classes: These courses are designated in the class schedule with section number 40 – 49 and require both classroom and online attendance. You must have access to a computer to take these courses. It is important that you attend all classes to be aware of classroom meeting times and online assignments. There are computer and Internet resources at the college in the libraries and open labs.

Courses with Online Supplement:  Any instructor may choose to use technology to supplement his or her course, so you should be aware that computer proficiency, as well as computer or Internet access, could be a requirement in any class.

Canvas Orientation: All New Students must complete the Canvas Student Training to be able to submit assignments in their courses in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). To complete the training, first log into the myEFSC portal, look for the Canvas icon and click the button to log into Canvas. Access the training by clicking the Canvas Student Orientation course. The student training course will open on the Welcome page. You should read the information on the page and then click "Modules" to begin the training course.