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Dual Enrollment Events & Deadlines

Course Registration

For Brevard Public Schools Dual Enrollment Students

Important Note: General information on this page may also apply to Private School and Home Education students. However, the process for registering will be slightly different because there will not be school-hosted registration events. Visit the private student or home education pages for details specific to your updated process.

Exciting things are happening! The Dual Enrollment program at Eastern Florida State College, in partnership with Brevard Public Schools, continues to be one of the largest and most successful accelerated programs in the State of Florida and we continue to strive to deliver the best service to our students.

Starting in October 2023, dual enrollment students will no longer need to upload printed and signed course registration forms to the EFSC Student Document Dropbox. A new process is in effect for Spring 2024 registration in which students will be guided through a self-registration process using academic plans and advising input.

Benefits of the new process:

  • Students will be registered on the spot and will walk away with a confirmed schedule.
  • It's paperless! Students will no longer have to scan forms and wait for their registration form to be processed in the order it was received.
  • Builds confidence and skills. Students will learn to use the same online tools that other EFSC students use, better preparing them for the future as most colleges and universities utilize a self-registration process.
  • Students can enjoy their Winter Break knowing that they are set for a successful Spring Term.

Dates at a Glance

Review this overview of dates and deadlines and then be sure to review all of the important information below the dates to ensure a successful course registration process.

Monday, Oct. 23 - Friday, Nov. 3: Priority Registration for dual enrolled students with at least 42 earned credit hours (not including courses in progress) and BPS students in the Early College program.

Monday, Nov. 6 - Friday, Nov. 17: Regular Registration - This is the time period for other dual enrolled students who do not meet the priority criteria.

Friday, November 17:  LAST day for Spring Term Dual Enrollment Self-Registration for all students.

Monday, Dec. 4 - Thursday, Dec. 14: Add/Drop Window - For approved changes to existing schedules. View the schedule of Add/Drop events at BPS High Schools and at EFSC Campuses.

Thursday, December 14: LAST DAY for Spring Term Schedule Changes for all Dual Enrollment  Students. 

Course Plans: What are they and what role do they play?

Most students will be provided with a course plan via the myGPS Degree Audit tool that contains their recommended courses. This plan will serve as a roadmap for the upcoming self-registration period. Students are encouraged to log in to myEFSC and review their Spring plan (and Summer, if applicable) in myGPS with their high school counselor.

 All plans are in progress, and students will be notified when their personalized plan is ready to view. We appreciate your patience. 

Priority Registration: Who's eligible?

Dual Enrollment students who have earned at least 42 credit hours or more before the start of the Fall 2023 term will be able to register early during the two-week period that starts October 23, 2023. This early registration incentive applies to dual enrollment students who meet the credit-hour threshold and those participating in the Early College program.  

The Early College Program is for students whose goal is to graduate from high school with a diploma and a university-transfer Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree.  Early College students must have previously applied for the program, met the qualifications, and been admitted. Due to the rigor and accelerated nature of this program, Early College students are eligible for priority registration. Not sure if you are an Early College student? Please inquire at your high school’s guidance department. 

Students who are eligible for Priority Registration will receive an emailed invitation from EFSC to a registration event at their high school. Review all the sections of the accordion below for more details and links to registration events based at BPS high schools and at EFSC campuses.

Registration Process Overview

Step 1: Make Course Planning Selections

Students should work with their school counselor to set academic goals for Spring Term 2024. The number of courses, school schedule, and high school graduation requirements should be considered. Students are encouraged to use their EFSC myGPS Course Plan to assist with decisions. It's recommended the student complete the EFSC Registration Form with their counselor and obtain signatures at that time. That paper form will continue to be available through your school guidance office as a planning tool.

Step 2: Register for Classes

IMPORTANT NOTE: To minimize any challenges as the new process is implemented for the first time, students will only be able to register one time during open registration for Spring Term 2024 courses. This will allow for cross-checking by both the high school guidance departments and the college’s advising team. Once a schedule is created, changes will not be allowed except during the add/drop window from December 4-14. This also ensures all dual enrollment students have the opportunity to register for classes that meet their academic goals. 

Early Priority Course Registration: As explained in the section above, this took place during the EFSC Spring Priority Registration period between Monday, October 23 and Friday, November 3. Students who either have the required 42+ credit hours earned or are actively participating in the Early College program (formerly Collegiate High School) are eligible for priority registration. Registration will occur on-site at the student’s high school campus. BPS students who missed Priority Registration or who were not eligible should attend a Regular Registration event at their school or attend an EFCC Open Lab.

Part-Time Dual Enrolled Student Registration: EFSC High School Outreach Advisors will be visiting high schools between Nov. 6 - 17 to assist students with registration. Check the regular registration event dates at BPS high schools and ask the Guidance Office details on time and location. School Counselors can also assist students during the school day with self-registration.

View Regular Registration Events at BPS High Schools

EFSC Open Registration Labs will be available in this Nov. 6-17 timeframe as well. IMPORTANT: Students must have a completed and signed Dual Enrollment Registration form to register for classes at these EFSC campus events. Parents are welcome with no appointment required. 

View the November EFSC Open Lab Events

Step 3: Make Optional Schedule Changes - Add/Drop

Dual enrolled students with an existing registration for Spring 2024 can make schedule changes with the approval of a high school counselor and with the assistance of an EFSC team member. IMPORTANT NOTES: Students must have a completed and signed Drop/Add Planning form to make any schedule changes. The EFSC Student Document Dropbox will no longer be used to request schedule changes.

There are two options for students to add or drop a course from their schedule during the Dec. 4-14 Dual Enrollment Add/Drop period.

Registration Support at High Schools: EFSC High School Outreach Advisors will be visiting high schools to assist students with registration changes.

View BPS High School Add/Drop Events

Registration Support at EFSC Campuses: EFSC Enrollment staff will be available to assist students with self-registration on campus. No appointment needed.

View EFSC-Based Add/Drop Events

Schedule changes for dual enrollment students will not be approved after the Thursday, December 14 deadline.

Changing to Serve You Better

We are excited about these updates to the Dual Enrollment Registration Process and appreciate your patience as this new and improved process is fine-tuned to better meet your needs. If you have general dual enrollment questions, be sure to visit the appropriate student type page:

Public/Private School Students

    Home Education Students