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Enrollment and Degree Verifications

All enrollment verifications will be mailed directly to the recipient and address provided by the student. While the online service explained below is faster and available to most people, other requests done offline should be sent to or submit them via the Student Document Dropbox. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing.

Online Service Available

Eastern Florida State College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates and degree verifications through its online Student Self-Service program. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the myEFSC Student Services Portal.

When Enrollment is Certified

EFSC certifies student enrollment per semester after the Add/Drop period, using the following guidelines. Students should be aware that dropping or withdrawing classes may change your enrollment status:

      • (FT) Full-Time : 12 or more credit hours
      • (QT) 3/4-Time: 9 to 11.99 credit hours
      • (HT) Half-Time: 6 to 8.99 credit hours
      • (LT) Less Than Half-Time: Under 6 credit hours

Students enrolled in Vocational/Clock-Hour Programs will be certified as follows:

      • FT (Full-Time): Classes meeting 300 or more hours per term
      • QT (Quarter-Time): Classes meeting 225 to 299 hours per term
      • HT (Half-Time): Classes meeting 150 to 224 hours per term
      • LT (Less Than Half-Time): Classes meeting 1 to 149 hours per term

Military Veterans and Dependents - Renewal of Military ID

To obtain an enrollment verification letter:

      • Complete the EFSC Enrollment Verification Request form, with applicable attachments, and upload it via the Student Document Dropbox by: Logging in to myEFSC and clicking on Student Dropbox; Select "Office of the Registrar; Upload your completed documentation
      • Allow 3 business days after submission to process

Important Notes:

      • Current term enrollment verifications will not be available until approximately two weeks after the EFSC Add/Drop deadline.
      • If a student has an enrollment verification hold on their record, the request will not be processed.
      • Courses that are dropped, withdrawn, or audited, as well as continuing education classes, do not count in credit hours toward enrollment verification.
      • Phone requests for enrollment verifications cannot be honored.
      • Enrollment verification letters will not be faxed to the student.

Difference Between an Enrollment Verification and a Transcript

Enrollment verification is requested routinely by parents, insurance companies, scholarship providers, employers, and loan companies who require proof of your student standing — that is, whether you are currently enrolled or not. All enrollment verifications contain the student's name, enrollment status, and anticipated graduation date, plus the dates of the current term.

Former students needing to prove enrollment or students needing course, degree, and/or GPA information should order a transcript.

Additional Enrollment and Degree Verification Information

National Clearinghouse Online System: Additional Benefits

The National Student Clearinghouse is the official provider of enrollment and degree certifications for Eastern Florida State College. Enrollment certifications from NSC are considered official documentation of enrollment.

Requests can be made to the National Student Clearinghouse through the myEFSC Student Services Portal, which can provide instant enrollment verifications. Information is available approximately two weeks after the last day to add or drop a class in the term.

Self-Service Enrollment Verification Benefits
  • Service is free for current students
  • Available 24/7
  • Print enrollment verification certificates for health insurers and other organizations
  • Find out when deferment notices were sent to your student lenders
  • View your enrollment history
  • View the proof of enrollment sent on your behalf to student self-service providers
  • Obtain a list of your student loan holders
  • Link to real-time information on your student loans

Click to view a tutorial for the Self-Service Verification Process.

Requests for Paper Verification or In-Person Pick up

The fastest way to get an enrollment verification is through the National Student Clearinghouse self-service option described above for “Currently Enrolled Students.”  Letters or other forms of enrollment verification are processed by the Office of the Registrar and may take up to 10 business days. 

To request an enrollment verification letter, you must:
  1. Download and complete the Enrollment Verification Request form
    •    Form must be completed and signed legibly, in ink
    •    Attach any other documents that you need included with the letter
  2. Include the complete name and address where the verification is to be sent.
  3. Submit  the completed Enrollment Verification Request form, along with applicable attachments, using one of the following procedures:
    •    In person to any campus Admissions and Records Office, or
    •    Via Student Dropbox: log in to myEFSC and click on Student Dropbox, select Office of the Registrar, and upload the completed, scanned form
    •    Via email to (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed, scanned form)
    •    Via fax to 321-433-7172 (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed, scanned form)
    •    Via US Mail to: Office of the Registrar, EFSC Cocoa Campus, Bldg. 2, Rm 202, 1519 Clearlake Rd, Cocoa, FL 32922 (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed form)
  4. Incomplete or non-legible forms will not be accepted for processing.
  5. If you request a manual/paper verification, it will be mailed  to the address you provide.
  6. If you request to pick up the verification, you will be called to pick up the document from the Office of the Registrar, Cocoa Campus Bldg. 2-202.
  7. Photo ID is required for whomever is picking up the document.
Third Parties and Enrollment Verifications

Any release of academic information to a third party requires the student's permission. Eastern Florida State College has approved the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications to authorized third parties. Businesses and employers may request verifications at:

Web: National Student Clearinghouse website
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse / 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300 / Herndon, VA 20171

Former Students and Alumni: Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Former students and alumni can request proof of enrollment and degree(s) awarded from the National Student Clearinghouse or by ordering an official EFSC transcript.