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Collage: A student painting a still-life, a student standing behind ceramic vessels, and an instructor showing a student how to use a kiln.

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Joanna White
Professor of Art

Bobbie McMillan
Art Instructor

Visual Art Program

Eastern Florida State College's comprehensive visual art program is designed to empower you with strong foundational skills in drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, design, and art history.

By mastering these fundamental techniques, you'll build a strong foundation that'll fuel your artistic exploration and growth, allowing you to find your own unique voice and style.

At EFSC, you can explore your artistic passion, experiment with diverse mediums, refine your skills through hands-on experiences, and draw inspiration from the rich cultural landscape of the Space Coast, including galleries, museums, and community events.

While our program doesn't result in an art-specific degree, you can major in art by taking specific classes as part of your Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree. This lays a strong foundation for transfer to a bachelor-level program at another institution — or direct entry into a career as an independent artist.

Be sure to review our recommended visual art course sequence, which serves as a valuable planning guide. EFSC's dedicated academic advisors and knowledgeable art program faculty are also available to provide personalized guidance and support.

To explore the classes offered each term, we highly recommend using our Visual Art Class Search Tool below, which lets you browse through our wide range of course options, strategically plan your academic path, and select the classes that align with your artistic aspirations.

Visual Art Class Search Tool