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Health Program TEAS Testing

Heath Sciences and Nursing limited access program applicants have two options to take the TEAS test. Face-to-face testing is offered at the four EFSC Campus Assessment Centers by appointment. A remote version of the TEAS also is available via ATI, with the information on that option available below.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) measures basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. It's a multiple choice test designed to determine the academic readiness of applicants to post-secondary nursing and related Health Science programs. Learn more about the TEAS test, including information on preparing, by visiting test creator ATI Nursing Education's website.

A TEAS preparation course also is available through EFSC's online curriculum partner ed2go.

TEAS and EFSC Health Science and Nursing Programs

TEAS test scores are required for application to several limited access health-related programs at Eastern Florida State College. Under the College's TEAS test policy, EFSC will test students up to three times during a 12-month time period. EFSC health science programs have different guidelines on whether they will accept scores from a second or third attempt during the 12-month period before a student applies. Students must know how many attempts their program allows as specified on each program's Application and Selection Process web page.

Check program requirements to see if the TEAS is required and verify selection criteria for specific programs for TEAS test score requirements.

On-Campus TEAS Information & Scheduling

Students must be an active EFSC student to take the TEAS on campus. Intent to apply to an EFSC Limited Access program must also be demonstrated.

Intent to apply may be established by:
  • Applying to a Health Science Limited Access program and paying the Application fee; or
  • If status is non‐degree seeking or A.A., have Health Science program intent indicated as a minor; or
  • Submit proof (copy) of attending a Health Science Orientation; or
  • Submit documentation (copy) of Health Science Advisor’s signed and dated review sheet; or
  • Have a Health Science Advisor email the testing department verifying discussion of student’s intent.

For an on-campus test, you must create an ATI account and also use EFSC's RegisterBlast system to schedule an assessment center appointment following the details below.

All on-campus test candidates must create an ATI account. Visit the ATI website and click “Create New Account” and complete the required information. Under “Institution,” select the program as Eastern FL State College: Cocoa Health Sciences to take your TEAS test. Your TEAS test administration should be done under the generic program intent and use your Titans student email account (contact the EFSC IT Support Desk for email access assistance if needed). You can change your program intent after you take your TEAS test and when you have been accepted into a Health Science program. 

Students need to be advised that TEAS administration instructions dictate the following prohibited items during the test at the EFSC Assessment Centers (lockers are available to store personal items):

  • Food or drink (unless necessary for a documented medical condition)
  • Textbooks or reference books of any kind
  • Sunglasses, hats or a hood (discretionary allowances for religious apparel)
  • Music (CD players, MP3 players, iPods, etc.)
  • Communication devices (cell phones, pagers, PDAs, etc.)
  • External, personal calculators
  • Unscheduled breaks during the test are not permitted
On-Campus TEAS Testing Dates

The face-to-face TEAS test fee is $90 payable at the time of registration plus a small handling fee. TEAS appointments on the four campuses follow this schedule:

  • Cocoa Campus Assessment Center: Monday, 1 PM
  • Melbourne Campus Assessment Center: Wednesday, 8:30 AM
  • Palm Bay Campus Assessment Center: Tuesday, 10:30 AM
  • Titusville Campus Assessment Center: Thursday, 9 AM
How to Make an On-Campus TEAS Appointment

On-campus TEAS testing appointments are scheduled via RegisterBlast, an online scheduling tool that is available 24/7. View RegisterBlast details and make an on-campus TEAS appointment.

Student questions about the on-campus TEAS can be emailed to or you can call 321-433-5357 and leave a message if needed.

TEAS Accommodations

If you have a documented disability see details on how to request accommodations and allow extra time for that separate process.

TEAS Remote Test Information

The TEAS test is available remotely from ATI via the Proctorio platform using your own equipment. The Remote TEAS test schedule and fees are determined by ATI. Registration and fee payment (currently $115) are handled directly at the ATI website.

To schedule a Remote TEAS examvisit the ATI Remote Test Registration site. In the TEAS Proctor - Program Type dropdown, you will choose "ATI Remote Proctor - Nursing." If you haven’t created an ATI account yet, you will do so during this registration step.

All test candidates who register for remote testing should participate in a Dry Run to test their equipment and access. The practice run should be done on the same hardware you will use when you take your remote test and instructions for how to do the dry run are on the ATI website.

You may print a copy of your test results to submit with your program application by using your ATI log-in credentials. Scores will be processed into your student account within 3 days of test completion.

Students must adhere to third-party vendor cancellation and refund policies and are responsible for ensuring their devices meet minimum technical requirements.

Questions about remote TEAS should be directed to ATI.