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Alternate Remediation Options

Statewide policy allows non-exempt students to pursue college developmental education through alternatives to the traditional college prep courses offered by the College. This includes private providers of instruction. Non-Exempt students who pursue alternate remediation will be retested to ensure attainment of required skills, as well as exempt students retesting to improve math placement.

Retesting to avoid third attempt restrictions may also be required to complete subject review prior to retesting. When required, a minimum standard of documented review must be performed prior to retest administration. If the student demonstrates competency by achieving college ready cut scores, they may progress to college level coursework in the subject area without enrollment in developmental education.

Alternative methods of instruction may include student self-directed study via online skill development programs, some without fee such as the following options:

Khan Academy (Math)

  • Free access at the Khan Academy website
  • Ability to create an account to track progress and report skills
  • Multiple videos for review
  • Multiple chances to review skills and retake quizzes to improve skills
  • Free app for Android, iPhone or iPad

Pre-algebra reviews Developmental Math skills which include factors, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, proportions, ratios, equations, inequalities, exponents.

Algebra I reviews Intermediate Math skills which include solving equations, solving inequalities, working with units, linear equations and graphs, functions, word problems factorizations, rational exponents and radicals.

Algebra II reviews College Math skills which include functions, complex numbers, polynomials, radical and rational relationships.

For guidance on which level is appropriate for enrollment intention, contact your Testing office.

Recommend a minimum Khan Academy score of 70% to allow placement retest in Math

  • Pre-Algebra – 70% = 16,450 points of possible 23,500
  • Algebra I – 70% = 15,400 points of possible 22,000
  • Algebra II – 70% = 9,310 points of possible 13,300

Union Test Prep (Reading and Writing)

  • Free access at the Union Test website
  • Ability to create account to track progress and report skills
  • Study guides for reviewing subject skills
  • One practice test for each subject
  • Accessible on desktop, tablet or phone
  • Additional “points” for using study guides, flashcards, blogs and for each time student logs in.
  • Multiple chances to retake practice tests
Reading Resources at Union Test Prep
  • Practice test contains  explanation of the correct answer and why the other choices are incorrect
  • Study guide outlining reading skills including, main idea, purpose, tone, sentence relationships, organization, context clues, fact and opinion, bias, and inference
  • Addition points for using study guide and flashcard
  • Recommend 80 % on practice test and 25 points
Grammar Resources at Union Test Prep
  • Practice test contains explanation of the correct answer
  • Study guide outlining writing skills including parallel structure, sentence fragments, comma splices, subject-verb agreement, verb forms and tenses, pronoun/antecedent agreement, word choice and word order
  • Recommend 80% on practice test and 25 points

Documentation of successful review must be provided to the campus testing specialist as evidence of remediation effort. Remediation option type may only be used once as an acceptable review attempt.

Other Options

Alternate remediation also may be completed through commercial or post-secondary institutional online coursework that leads to a certificate of completion in specific subjects of need. Tuition and cost vary, but many resources are available free of charge. An Internet search will indicate several available resources related to PERT preparation.