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TABE Remediation Process

Under state law, students enrolled in certain career programs must complete testing in basic skills by the sixth week of class. Program specific minimum levels are required, which are exit requirements for the award of a Career and Technical Certificate (CTC), sometimes referred to as a vocational or clock-hours program. No student can be granted a career or vocational certificate until the student achieves the minimum level of basic skills required for their program by the Florida Department of Education.

EFSC students whose initial TABE scores do not meet designated program levels may obtain personalized remediation assistance through various means before retesting. Students should discuss their need for remediation with their program advisor as that advisor is the person who can coordinate free remediation assistance through EFSC. Academic support and testing resources are available on each campus.

The 90-day wait time to restest can be shorter for students who complete 30 hours of subject review through these options:

  • Contact your EFSC program's advisor to request enrollment in TABE Academy, an online program designed to improve academic skills.
  • Coordinate tutoring as needed through your program advisor that will then take place at a campus Academic Success Center. Those Centers also have TABE Preparation materials and the EFSC Libraries have TABE Preparation materials on reserve in each Campus Library.
  • Purchase TABE review materials online and use the free TABE preparation tips.

Students are advised to begin any needed remediation earlier, rather than later, in their program of study. It is important that adequate preparation occurs prior to retesting. Upon completion of the remediation prescribed for basic skill deficiencies, the student can request retesting at an EFSC Assessment Center.

Please note, the TABE 11/12 represents two different sets of test questions that assess the same information. Students initially test with the set 11 questions. After remediation, they are restested with the set 12 questions. There must be a minimum of 90 days or 30 hours of remediation for each subject in between testing with the 11 and 12 sets of questions. A student alternates between the two sets until they achieve the required score.