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Licensure Exemption Chart

2022-23 Basic Skills Licensure Exemption List

Licensure exemptions are listed as Certification Codes from the Division of Career and Adult Education Industry Certification Descriptions. If a student is unable to meet the basic skills requirements on the post-test for basics skills requirements, they may sit for one of the related exams listed below and if they earn that industry certification, they may be counted as a program completer (s. 1004.91, F.S.).

Guidelines for requesting TABE exception based on licensure:

The licensures or certifications below are the exclusive licenses that a student may obtain to exempt from the TABE, for graduation purposes only. The student still has to take the initial TABE, or be exempt from taking it by other exemption options.

If the student is required to take the TABE and does not pass all subtests, the student should seek remediation to improve their skill deficiencies. Tutors and academic support staff in the campus Academic Success Centers are available to assist. If the student has any of the designated licensures or certificates indicated, earned within six months of program completion, the student may request exemption from the TABE and be awarded the diploma (if they submitted and paid the fee for an Intent to Graduate application.).

A student may request a licensure exemption using the TABE Waiver Request Form from any testing personnel, the registrar’s office, or the student may go to a program specialists who can verify the information and forward to one of the above mentioned persons a copy of the license and a request to process the exemption.

Student must present a photo ID and an original of the license, from one of the agencies listed, when requesting a licensure exemption. The person processing the exemption should make a copy and attach it to the completed exemption form.

(2022) CIP

Program Name

Program Number

Name of License/Certification

Certifying  Agency

0615050110 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration HVAC C400400

NCCER222 – NCCR HAVC – Level 4 (Postsecondary)

HVACE001-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Heat Pump 
HVACE002-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Air Conditioning  
HVACE003-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Light Commercial Air Conditioning
HVACE004-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready- Electric Heat
HVACE005-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Light Commercial Refrigeration
HVACE006-HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Gas Heat 
HVACE011- HVAC Excellence Employment Ready-Electrical 
HVACE015- HVAC Excellence Professional Level – Heat Pump Services

NATEX001 - Air Conditioning Service Technician 
NATEX002 - Air Conditioning Installation Specialization 
NATEX003 - Air to Air Heat Pump Installation Technician
NATEX004 - Air to Air Heat Pump Service Technician
NATEX006 - NATEX Industry Competency Exam (ICE) - Light Commercial

National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER)

HVAC Excellence (HVACE)

North American Technician Excellence (NATEX)

0647060703 Aviation Airframe Mechanics T640300

FEDAA002 -  FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician - General
FEDAA004 -  FAA Aviation Mechanic Technician – Airframe

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

0647060801 Aviation Powerplant Mechanics T640400

FEDAA002 - FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician - General
FEDAA010 - FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician – Powerplant

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

0612040102 Cosmetology  D500100

FLDOP002 Cosmetologist

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), Division of Professions

0743020304 Fire Fighter I/II P430211

Fire Fighter I/II
FLSFM005 Florida Fire Fighter I Certificate of Compliance
FLSFM006 Florida Firefighter II Certificate of Compliance

Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of State Fire Marshall, Bureau of Fire Standards & Training

0351390101 Practical Nursing H170607

NCSBN002 - National Licensed Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN)

National Council of State Boards of Nursing

0351150204 Mental Health Technician H180100

FDMQ002 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Florida Department of Health

0648050805 Welding Technology J400400

AWELD003 AWS Certified Welder – FCAW Plate
AWELD004 AWS Certified Welder – GMAW Plate 
AWELD005 AWS Certified Welder – GTAW Pipe (carbon steel)
AWELD006 AWS Certified Welder – GTAW Pipe (Stainless Steel to Carbon Steel)
AWELD007 AWS Certified Welder – GTAW Pipe (Stainless Steel)
AWELD008 AWS Certified Welder – GTAW Pipe

NCCER265 - NCCER Welding Level 3 (Postsecondary)

American Welding Society

National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER)