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BYU/FLATS Foreign Language Testing

Students who cannot provide documentation of their competency in a foreign language may satisfy the requirement through a foreign language competency exam offered by the third-party provider Brigham Young University (BYU) Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS) as a proctored exam administered at the EFSC Assessment Centers.

These exams will evaluate skills including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammatical accuracy. The BYU/FLATS exam is pass/fail, requires 60% proficiency to pass, and no college credit is awarded. Passing scores will satisfy the graduation requirement to demonstrate Foreign Language Competency.

How to register for testing

Registration is a two-step online process that involves choosing a language exam, registering, and paying for the test in the BYU/FLATS online system — and also registering for an EFSC Campus Assessment Center location, day and time so the test can be proctored. Most exams are 2½ hours in length and are computer based.

Step 1: Before visiting the BYU/FLATS site link below, have this information ready to enter into the form so that your exam can be processed properly and results delivered electronically to the EFSC Registrar's Office.

  • When filling out the fields with your personal information use your EFSC Student ID number that starts with a "B" and your EFSC Titans student email. Select Eastern Florida State College as your "Current University" in the form's dropdown menu.
  • In the Proctor Information section enter the following:
    Name: Valerie Rolling
    Department: Collegewide Testing
    Educational Institution: Eastern Florida State College
    Address: 3865 N Wickham Road, 10-208
    City, State Zipcode: Melbourne, FL 32935
    Phone: 321-433-5357
    Confirm email:
  • Under "Sending Results to Your School" use the following information:
    Do Not check the "Hold results" box
    Name: Registrar
    Department: Office of the Registrar
    University: Eastern Florida State College
    Address: 1519 Clearlake Road, 2-202
    City, State Zip: Cocoa, FL 32922
    Phone: 321-433-7284
  • Once you've completed the BYU/FLATS online form fields, check the "I'm Not a Robot" box and then click the "Proceed to Payment" button (BYU/FLATS charges $50 for most exams).

Click to Register and Pay for BYU/FLATS 

Step 2: In addition to registering in the BYU/FLATS system, you MUST use EFSC's RegisterBlast online scheduler and choose a Campus Assessment Center location, day and time, plus play the $30 EFSC Proctoring Fee and small handling charge. By registering for an appointment through RegisterBlast, you are agreeing to the College's BYU/FLATS exam administration guidelines. In the RegisterBlast system, choose "Competency Exam" as the group and then complete the rest of the fields. You will receive email confirmation following payment and you will be able to use the system to cancel or reschedule your proctored testing appointment up to 24 hours in advance to the exam.

RegisterBlast Details & Campus Links 

Eastern Florida State College BYU/FLATS Exam Administration Guidelines
  • Students will receive BYU Flats results immediately following their test appointment in an email message.
  • Official results will be received at the EFSC Office of the Registrar within two weeks of completing the test, as long as the student indicated EFSC on their registration form.
  • If the student checks the "hold" box on the registration form, the scores will not be sent to EFSC.
  • Official results must be received by EFSC to verify the Foreign Language Competency requirement has been satisfied.
  • Testing is offered by appointment only at Campus Assessment Centers with appointments made using RegisterBlast. View more details about RegisterBlast.
  • Prior to any test administration, all candidates must present a valid (not expired), photo ID, government or state-issued. Individuals without proper identification cannot be admitted for testing.
  • High School students without a government issued photo ID or photo high school ID may be admitted with an executed, photo-bearing Student Identification Letter, such as those prepared for SAT or ACT test identification purposes. For a template, click here.
  • We will provide any essential items for testing, including scratch paper, pencils, and calculators. All personal items must be stored in a locker at the Assessment Center.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your test appointment. Candidates arriving 15 minutes or more after the test appointment time may not be seated.
  • The testing center requires a 24-hour notice to cancel or change an appointment. Please contact the testing center directly if an emergency arises which prevents you from attending your appointment.
  • If your test requires a fee, all fees payments must be paid via credit card at the time you schedule your test appointment which includes an additional handling/service fee. Refunds for appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled at least two business days before the scheduled time and date may be considered on a case by case basis and are limited to the test fee only.
  • Non-testing individuals cannot be present in the assessment area for test security reasons. This policy applies to both friends and family of testing individuals. Please arrive unaccompanied to your appointment with the EFSC Assessment Centers.

If you have questions email