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Credit by Exam

Credit-by-exam options such as those listed below are an accelerated mechanism for earning credit outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Eastern Florida follows the Florida Department of Education guidelines in acceptance of credit for nationally standardized accelerated exam mechanisms, allowing students to proceed toward their educational goals as rapidly as possible.

Credit is awarded in accordance with recommendations established by the statewide Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC). Section 1007.27(2) Florida Statutes requires the ACC to establish passing scores, course, and credit equivalents for the following:

Minimum satisfactory scores for accelerated credit are set by the State Board of Education and are subject to change. The state of Florida maintains an approved list of equivalencies and information for various kinds of accelerated opportunities. It can be found on the website

General Credit-by-Exam Guidelines

  • Scores must be submitted on an official score report from the organization administering the examination.
  • Students may earn a maximum of 45 credits through a combination of accelerated mechanisms.
  • Duplicate credit cannot be awarded, i.e. if student has already received a grade of “C” or higher for a course, student will not be awarded credit for the course again.
  • Courses may be used for grade forgiveness purposes if student did not previously pass the course.
  • The grade of “S” is given for each course, and will not calculate into student’s GPA.
  • Students must be cognizant of initial testing and retake policies for each exam. Some exams require students to wait a specific amount of time before they can retake the exam.
  • For graduation purposes, exams must be taken and successfully passed prior to the last date of the month in which graduation is sought.

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