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Credit Evaluation Practices

For Transcripts from Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

EFSC will consider each transcript and analyze credit for transfer in terms of level, content, quality, comparability, and degree program relevance. Coursework accepted must represent collegiate coursework relevant to the degree, with course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies at least equivalent to those of students enrolled in EFSC's degree programs.

All documents must be provided before the request will be considered by the Office of the Registrar. Upon receipt of the document, the Office of the Registrar will review all evidence provided and make a final determination on the transferability of each course.

Required Documentation

Final, official college transcript. All coursework must be completed and graded.

Evaluation Practice
  • Transfer credits from a non-regionally accredited institution are given the grade of TA, TB and, TC and are not calculated into the EFSC cumulative GPA.
  • Only courses with grades of A, B or C will transfer. Grades of S, P, withdrawals, incomplete and audit grades will not transfer.
  • Students who take courses at institutions that participate in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) that are approved for academic transfer by the FLDOE and that are also offered at EFSC are guaranteed transfer of those credits.
  • Colleges on quarter hours will be reviewed as an EFSC equivalent if the transfer credit hours are four quarter hours or higher.  All other classes will be transferred as electives.  The following quarter hour to semester hour conversion will apply:
    • 2 quarter hours = 1.33 semester hours
    • 3 quarter hours = 2.00 semester hours
    • 4 quarter hours = 2.67 semester hours
    • 5 quarter hours = 3.33 semester hours
To appeal a course evaluation, submit the following via Titan student email using this process:

Courses not directly equated to an EFSC course or credits from non-regionally accredited institutions that do not participate in the Florida State Course Numbering System may be appealed on a case-by-case basis.

Reasons to request a re-evaluation:

  • Transfer credit not initially awarded
  • Request for coursework with a grade of "D" to be added to record. (Note: Ds are transferred with grade points and impact overall GPA.)
  • Request for a re-evaluation of transfered courses that were initially evaluated before current guidelines were in place. This option is ONLY available if the student has never taken any classes at EFSC.

BE ADVISED: Once credits have been awarded, they cannot be removed and may impact student financial aid and VA benefits

Documentation required:

  • Course descriptions which must be from the catalog that was in effect at the time the course was taken
  • Course Syllabus for each class that is being appealed
  • Description of course learning outcomes and objectives
  • Instructor’s name and credentials:
    • The school or university can send official documentation stating the course title and instructor’s name, and credentials
    • Instructor’s credentials (bachelor, master, doctorate degree) may be found in the school catalog
  • Briefly explain why you are submitting the appeal request
  • Any additional information that may help the Eastern Florida evaluator determine if the course is equivalent to a course offered at Eastern Florida
  • Submit your request via Titan student email to with your student identification B number, details, and attached supporting documentation