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EFSC Remote Testing Policy

Remote testing via a virtual proctoring service is for Eastern Florida State College students. In an effort to make placement testing more convenient, EFSC continues to offer remote test options for some assessments. All submissions requesting to test must be reviewed and approved before permission will be granted to test virtually through EFSC.

  • Students must have an EFSC student ID number prior to requesting remote virtual testing.
  • All requests must be approved by the Institutional Test Administrator (ITA) or their designee prior to taking the test.
  • Once received, requests for remote testing may take up to five business days to process. Students will be contacted with "next steps" directions.
  • Remote testing will occur online through a third-party vendor that may require payment of service fees.
  • EFSC reserves the right to change remote test proctor vendors and will make the effort to minimize student fees for third-party vendors.
  • Students are responsible for all virtual proctoring fees, as well as any EFSC testing fees. Cancellation and refund policies are determined by the third-party vendor. Read all vendor information carefully!
  • Retesting policies apply. If a retest fee is required, it will be placed on the student's account.
  • Virtual proctoring requires secure Internet connectivity and bandwidth to properly function. Certain geographic areas may not offer this level of Internet connection. Any fees incurred due to Internet issues are non-refundable.
  • Students are responsible for checking the remote virtual site requirements of all remote proctoring services before the test day. Additional hardware requirements include a PC or laptop with a webcam and microphone. Chromebooks or tablets are not supported.
  • During check-in, you will be asked to show your workspace to ensure it is free from unapproved aids.
  • Students are required to present and display a valid photo ID to the proctor before and during the test session.
  • Students may not have access to personal items during test administration, including cell phones and non-medical electronic devices, watches, external calculators, or recording devices such as cameras or thumb drives.
  • Students must test in a well-lit, quiet, secluded area free of distractions and other human contact.
  • Students may be monitored by a recorded session with or without a live proctor in the virtual environment. Incidents and/or irregularities will be reported to EFSC’s testing personnel for review.
  • If you have privacy concerns, you are encouraged to contact our office to inquire about alternative testing options.

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