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Library Guidelines & Procedures

Review the procedures that apply to all four Eastern Florida State College Library locations. Remember you can sign in to your library account using your myEFSC single sign-on credentials. Once logged in, you can see a list of titles checked out and renew them, view library fines or fees, and check the status of requested titles.

Borrowing (Loan Periods)
EBSCO eBooks & eAudiobooks

Offline (Download) Checkouts

Table Caption
Checkouts, per user: 5
Checkout Duration 14 days
Holds allowed per user: 5
Hold ready duration 3 days
Print Books

Print Loan Periods

Table Caption
  Students Community
Books 10 books / 3 weeks 2 books / 3 weeks
Reference Non circulating* N/A
Reserve Varies N/A
Periodicals Non circulating N/A
DVDs Varies N/A

Laptop computers can be loaned out for three weeks, with one renewal period.

Print Loan Renewals

Table Caption
  Students Community
Books 1 renewal 1 renewal
Reference Non circulating* N/A
Reserve no renewal N/A
Periodicals N/A N/A
DVDs no renewal N/A

*Reference materials may be checked out on a case-by-case basis

Honors Program Student Library Loans

There are special Library privileges for Honors Program students. Check out policies:

  • Up to 20 circulating items may be checked out at a time.
  • Unlimited renewals will be granted as long as there are no Requests/Reserves on the item. (Renewals subject to recall if needed.)
  • Temporary loan of reference materials will be allowed at the discretion of the librarian on duty.
  • Up to 10 Interlibrary Loan requests may be placed at a time.

Extra instruction services: Librarians will give Honors Program students more in-depth instruction on using subject indexes for research, placing interlibrary loan requests, and using specialized research tools. Appointments with a librarian can be made for individual research assistance

Note: Honor students should immediately identify themselves and present their card each time they need library assistance. 

Loans for Retirees 
  • Up to 10 circulating items may be checked out for three weeks at a time.
  • One renewal will be granted as long as there are no Requests / Reserves on the item. (Renewals subject to recall if needed.)
Cell Phone Use

The libraries are an extension of the classroom. Cell phones should be set to not ring inside the library. If you must make or take a call, move outside of the library where your call will not disturb others.

Collection Development and Management

The faculty librarians at each campus oversee collection management. Faculty make recommendations that support the courses and programs they teach and that supplement the general library collection appropriate to their disciplines. Suggested additions are sought for print and digital titles or databases from faculty and students.

The processes outlined in the EFSC Libraries Collection Development & Management Guidelines are designed to guide the systematic development and management of library collections of print, audiovisual, and digital materials. These procedures encompass all Eastern Florida State College campus libraries.

Computer Use

The Libraries’ desktop computers, laptops, and Surface Go’s are provided to EFSC students for academic work and research. Students will sign an Equipment Loan Agreement when checking out a laptop or Surface Go. Any viewing or downloading of materials that could be considered offensive (e.g., pornography) or as harassment toward others is prohibited. Review complete information related to technology usage in the College Internet Ethics and Acceptable Use Policy.

Community Patrons

Community patrons are extended the following privileges:

  • Book loans - 2 books for 3 weeks with 1 renewal.
  • Computer use - 1 hour daily with 1 log-in per day. Community patrons must prepare to complete their 1 hour computer session without interruption. Library staff will not be able to help with multiple log-ins. Computers are limited and EFSC students take precedence. If all PCs are in use, a community patron may be asked to end their session so a student may use that computer.
Disruptive Behavior

Library faculty and staff will not permit disruptive behavior in the libraries. Campus security will quickly be called to respond to any disruptive behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Harassment or abusive language or actions
  • Loud behavior
  • Misuse or destruction of library property
  • Sexual harassment or behavior
  • Refusing to leave any library at closing or during an emergency
  • Refusing to identify yourself to a library employee
  • Unsupervised children

Students are expected to follow the EFSC Student Code of Conduct while using the libraries.


If library patrons are alerted to an emergency (through alarm or announcement) they may be required to exit the building immediately. Exit using the closest emergency stairs or exit. Do not use the elevators. If the fire alarm has sounded, keep a safe distance from the building. College security personnel will alert patrons when it is safe to return to the building. The libraries follow the College's Emergency Response Plan.


All EFSC libraries follow established procedures that provide our students, faculty and staff a safe and secure environment. Violation of these established procedures are handled by campus security officers and may result in patrons being asked to leave the library, trespassed from the library or the campus, referred to the Campus Administrator for review, or the local police for criminal prosecution. Any criminal or disruptive behavior will immediately be reported to campus security.

Fines and Fees
  • "Library use only" materials and for late laptops or Surface tablets: $1 per hour
  • Hourly reserves: 25 cents per hour
  • Daily reserves: $1 per day
Fines Exceeding $9.99
  • Must be paid by cash or check to the campus cashier or online by credit card; the libraries can no longer accept payment.
  • A hold is placed against the student's Banner account until payment is received. 
  • A hold is placed on library accounts issued to partnership students and the Joint-Use partners are notified of the delinquency.
  • A hold is placed on library accounts issued to community borrowers.
Lost Item Fees
  • Books, Media, Equipment (laptops, Surface tablets, peripherals, etc.): Replacement cost plus $7.50 processing fee.
    • Replacement cost for Books = $100.00
    • Replacement cost for DVDs = $100.00
    • Replacement cost for laptops = see the Equipment Loan form used when signing out the device.
    • Replacement cost for peripherals = see the Equipment Loan form used when signing out the item

Note: A $7.50 processing fee is charged for each item returned, if the item is returned before 120 days delinquent and is in usable condition.

Note: The replacement fee for books and DVDs can be waived if the user gives the library a "good condition" replacement book or DVD in place of the fee. The $7.50 processing charge still does apply. 

Other Fees
Computer Prints
  • Black & white: 10 cents each
  • Color: 25 cents each
Fax (check with your campus library)
  • First page: $1
  • Additional pages: 50 cents each
  • Send service for students only
Lost Items
  • Items more than 120 days overdue are declared lost.
  • Items returned with severe damage and deemed unusable are processed under the libraries' lost procedures.
  • The student's Banner account is charged replacement cost plus a $7.50 processing fee for each lost item. A hold is placed on the student account for future enrollment and graduation, until the fees are paid.
  • Charges for lost items may be paid by cash or check to the campus cashier or online by credit card; the libraries cannot accept payment.
  • Lost books and media may be accepted when returned to the library, if:
  • Item is returned within the same academic year that the lost fee was charged to the account.
  • Item is not damaged.
  • If a media set, all volumes or discs are returned in the original container.
  • If a lost item is accepted for return, the libraries will reverse the lost fee and charge a $7.50 processing fee per item.
  • The replacement fee for books and DVDs can be waived if the user gives the library a “good condition” replacement book or DVD in place of the fee. The $7.50 processing charge still does apply.

The Eastern Florida State College Library policies are designed to encourage the use of library materials in an atmosphere ensuring equitable access for all. All patron information is confidential under the Library Privacy Protocol.