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A chemical lab, fire extinguisher, hazardous waste, and hurricane

Safety & Emergency Response

EFSC, through its Safety Department, is committed to providing comprehensive programs that will promote and sustain a safe and healthy academic and work environment. The Department's goal is to provide an environment that adheres to the requirements of federal, state and local environmental and occupational safety and health regulations. The College attempts to accomplish this goal by periodically inspecting facilities, identifying and controlling recognized hazards, planning for emergencies and communicating potential hazards to the college community.

Safety is part of everyone's job. It's important that faculty, staff and students are familiar with the College's emergency response best practices, safe hazardous materials handling and contingency plans and safety features within each building, such as pull stations, fire extinguishers, exit signs and stairways. Being aware of the outside environments is essential to good safety practices like using sidewalks, being especially attentive when driving or walking in parking lots and walking in well lighted areas of the campus at night.

It is everyone's responsibility to make and keep EFSC a safe place to learn, teach and work. If you see an unsafe practice or condition, report it to the appropriate campus administrator, who will know the appropriate method to get the safety issue resolved.

Chief Joe Ambrose, EFSC Emergency Manager & Collegewide Security

Lt. Rob Delaune, Safety & Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer

Emergency Toll-Free Hotline

Campus Security Offices

Cocoa Campus: 321-403-5907
Melbourne Campus: 321-403-5909
Palm Bay Campus: 321-403-5911
Titusville Campus: 321-403-4200