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About the EFSC Libraries

Eastern Florida State College Libraries provide and support student and faculty access and user privileges to library collections and services and to other learning/information resources consistent with the degrees offered by the College.

The libraries support the College's mission, through providing access to a rich and diverse collection of traditional print materials and electronic databases, and assistance of library professionals who provide service to students, faculty, staff and the community with instruction, research and learning endeavors.

Library services are provided at each of the College's four campus locations, and library services are available via the Internet at College locations or any Internet-connected computer. 

Our Mission

The mission of Eastern Florida State College Libraries is in direct support of the purpose and goals of the college. (EFSC Procedures Manual 101)

Mission: The Eastern Florida State College Libraries are designed to provide resources and instructional support for the academic and educational requirements of the college. Access to educational resources and assistance in their use directly supports the college's community educational and cultural commitment.

The Library offers information access and instructional support. Inherent in its mission, the college:

  1. Creates and provides an environment that supports effective teaching, intellectual growth, and lifelong learning.
  2. Provides a variety of services as an integral part of the instructional process, and provides assistance to both students and faculty in the use of all learning resources.
  3. Provides organized and readily accessible information resources and equipment to meet instructional, institutional, and individual needs.
  4. Provides a staff qualified, concerned, and involved in serving the needs of the college and the community.

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