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Financial Aid Forms

The Financial Aid Office uses a combination of form types including:

  • Fillable, downloadable PDF forms and
  • Online forms that you fill out by logging into the myEFSC portal.

Both types of forms are available below by academic year.

Although the PDF forms are fillable, you must print, and sign them before you submit them via our online Financial Aid Document Upload Tool, by mail, or to one of our locked on-campus drop boxes, as we do not accept electronic signatures on a PDF form.

If you are asked to submit the Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose form, you must snail mail a notarized version or deliver a printed version in person to a financial aid office. We cannot accept this verification form electronically.

To ensure you view the most recent version of each PDF form, we recommend you refresh your browser window after opening the form or clear your browser's cache.

To receive your aid in a timely manner, be sure to enter your full legal name, Social Security Number (SSN), and EFSC student B# number correctly on all forms.

Please note: While this is a comprehensive list of forms — you are not required to submit all of them. Typically, you will be asked to submit a form through a communication from the EFSC Financial Aid Office.

If you have questions about forms, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Paper versions of forms can be picked up at any campus Financial Aid Office.

*Must be submitted in person or notarized and mailed; cannot be uploaded.