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Book Vouchers

If your total authorized financial aid exceeds the cost of your tuition and fees, the Financial Aid Office will authorize a book voucher for you.

Book vouchers are considered an advance of your anticipated aid — not an addition to it. When your financial aid disburses, we will deduct the cost of any books and supplies you purchased using a book voucher before issuing any refunds.

You can use your book voucher on specific dates through EFSC's online course material search and purchase tool, which lists the materials that are required for each class, and during business hours at on-campus bookstores.

Be sure to also review the information regarding EFSC’s Titan First Day Ready course materials affordability initiative to determine what additional materials and supplies, if any, are needed based on your specific enrollment and how a book voucher can cover such items.

You may only use book vouchers to purchase books and certain classroom supplies. Restrictions may apply to electronic materials. If you return any materials that you purchased using a book voucher, the refund for those items will be credited to your EFSC student billing account.

If you have questions about book vouchers, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for a Book Voucher?

Log in to the myEFSC portal using your Titan Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials. If you're eligible for a book voucher, the amount will be displayed on your myEFSC landing page next to the book voucher icon.

What If My Voucher Doesn't Cover the Cost of My Required Materials?

If the cost of your required, eligible course materials exceeds the amount of your book voucher, you can submit an online request for a book voucher increase to the Financial Aid Office through the myEFSC portal.

You'll be asked to provide supporting documentation to verify that the cost of your required textbooks is greater than the amount of your book voucher. All requests must be submitted before the close of business on the final book voucher request date for that part of term.

Book Voucher Important Dates