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Collage: A row of students playing trumpets, a student singing from a choral folder, and a student playing the cello.

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Dr. ChanJi Kim
Professor of Music
Theory and Composition

Dr. Robert Lamb
Professor of Music
Choral and Instrumental Music Contact

Music Program

Unleash your musical potential through Eastern Florida State College's dynamic music program! Music students may be eligible for program scholarships.

Whether you aspire to enhance your vocal prowess, play an instrument, or delve into the art of theory and composition, we offer three exciting paths to fuel your passion:

While our program doesn't grant a music degree, you can major in music by taking specific classes for your Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, which requires at least 60 credit-hours, comprised of 36 credit-hours from general education courses and 24 credit-hours from electives.

This pathway sets you on course to transfer into a bachelor-level music program at another institution and opens doors to a variety of career paths in the music industry, including performance, teaching, music production, and more.

Completing the A.A. degree typically takes music students two to three years of full-time study, but the exact duration may vary based on individual circumstances and course load depending on whether you are earning required prerequisite credits to qualify for a bachelor program. EFSC advisors or music program faculty are available to help you plan your course sequence.

In addition to our exceptional curriculum, EFSC has various vocal and instrumental ensembles for you to join — providing valuable opportunities to collaborate with fellow musicians, refine your skills, and perform in diverse settings.

To explore the courses available each term, we recommend using our Music Class Search Tool. This tool will help you to navigate our course offerings, plan your academic journey, and make informed decisions about the courses that align with your musical aspirations.

Music Class Search Tool