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Past EFSC Undergraduate Research

EFSC research students, under the guidance of their Research Mentors, have conducted a wide variety of research projects and shared their research findings through posters, oral presentations, and journal publications. Browse the accordion below by year to see examples of research projects EFSC students have previously worked on, including archived versions of recent Virtual Undergraduate Research Exhibitions.

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Past EFSC Undergraduate Research

Spring 2023 Undergraduate Research Exhibition Book of Abstracts

Presented at FURC 2023

Eight talented EFSC students took part in the 2023 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) in Miami Gardens, presenting research in communications, pop culture, and biology. Explore their projects through photos in our Flickr album.


Spring 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Exhibition

Fall 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Exhibition

Presented at FURC 2021

  • Effects of Human Disturbance on Biomass and Biodiversity of the Indian River Lagoon (Mia Hammonds)
  • Salinity Effects on Indian River Lagoon Invertebrate and Vertebrate Composition (Savannah Luhn)
  • HBOT-Enhanced Physical Therapy: A Novel Approach to Improving Rehabilitation for Neurological Brain Injury (Stephanie Salonen)

Presented at the Midwest Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature Gathering: Christianity, Race, and Justice 2021

  • The Land That Never Has Been Yet: Black American Poets as Prophetic Voices (Janelle Fuller)

Fall 2020 Virtual Undergraduate Research Exhibition

Presented at FURC 2020

  • Initial Optical Profile of Anthocyanins in Single and Double Bloom Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis (Amanda Siegel)

Presented at FURC 2019

  • Comparative Analysis and Identification of Class 1 CRISPR-CAS Genes of Recreational Water Staphylococcus Aureus (Brandon Lopez-Duenas)
  • A Comparison of the Coagulation of Microalga (Gymnodinium) Between Chitosan and Alum and Effects on Macroalgal (Chlorpophyta) Survival (Hannah Olson)

Presented at FURC 2018

  • Bioactive Phytochemicals in Native Florida Plants (Charles Crawford)
  • My Research as Jets: Exploring Barthes' Enigmas and Fan-Based Exaltation within Star Wars, DC Comics, and Television (Matthew Hudson)
  • Beatin' Into Submission: Trauma Bonding in The Dark Tower and The Walking Dead (Michelle Scrogham)
  • The Distribution of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in the Indian River Lagoon (Anthony Cervone)
  • How Ready Player One Forefronts Debord's Spectacle (Justin Sachariason)
  • Barbie Meets Fiona: Conflicting Discourses of Beauty in Sci-Fi Films (Rabecca Connors)
  • Comparative Analysis of Protein Structures Using MEGA6 for Select Bombyx Species (Dillon Pierce)

Presented at FURC 2017

  • Fighting Civilization, Not Acne: The New Adult Genre and Twenty-Somethings in The Between and The 100 (Sevan McBride)
  • Antimicrobial Properties of Moringa Oleifera (Brieanna Chankersingh)
  • Inhibiting the Division of Pathogenic Bacteria Using Iron-Binding Glycoproteins (Mark Cherry and Troy Hart)
  • Induced Evolution in Danio Rerio (Pierce Dillon)
  • Effectiveness of Ovotransferrin and Sodium Bicarbonate in the Inhibition of Bacterial Growth (Nicole Conde)
  • The Furious Road to Ozploitation: Examining the Culture Stereotypes Within Mad Max: Fury Road (Brandon Shepherd)
  • Dancing in the Dark: The Conflict of Romantic and Sentimental Ideas in the Internet Apocalypse Trilogy (Nykholas Quinones)
  • Meiofaunal Communities Differ Depending on Environmental Quality (Cara Irwin)
  • Artful Stealing and Convergent Dodging: Analyzing Divergent and Convergent Thinking in Creative Control, Temp Music, and Stealing Like an Artist (Abraham Mullican)
  • Malicious Humorous Death: How The Edge of Tomorrow and ARQ Explore Death and Dying Through Dark Comedy (Thomas Foster)
  • Afterlife or Transcendence: How the Talos Principle Uses Principles of Game-Based Learning to Intrigue the Player (Jacob McMullen)
  • Keeping It in the Family: Examining the Changing Portrayal of Incest Within Wayward Pines and Game of Thrones (Rodney Rich)
  • That's Pretty Ugly: How Uglies Confronts Plastic Surgery as a Necessity in Youth (Robyn Tilley)
  • Superman's Dawn of Sociopathic Injustice: How the DSM's New Criteria Diagnoses Superman as a Sociopath (Jonathan Howard)
  • Build-a-Bear...or...Build-a-Baby: Examining Trans-Humanism in Science Fiction from Gattaca to Star Trek: Into Darkness (Sierra Zeiders)

Presented at FURC 2016

  • In Vitro Analysis of the Efficacy of Probiotic Use During Antibiotic Application (Taylor Culbertson)
  • Real-Time Effects of Prescribed Fire on Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) Burrows and Their Occupants (Frank Robb)
  • How to Give Plants Cancer: A Study on Gall Formation (Dillon Pierce and Brendan Murphy)
  • Effects of Freshwater Intrusion on Saltwater Species of the Indian River Lagoon (Daniel Moffitt)
  • Can Tarpon See Outside Their Natural Habitat? (Leah Coleman in association with the Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Effects of Garlic and Ginger on Bacterial Growth (Sarah Khaireddin and Ray Ward)

Presented at FURC 2015

  • Potential Algaecidic Applications of the Brazilian Peppertree (Morgan Enoch and Dylan Myers)
  • Non-Invasive EKG Study of Burmese Pythons (Maria Myrback in association with the Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Differences in Crop Growth and Leaching Rates of Low N-P and High N-P Fertilizers (Kasey McDowell, James Pouncey, and Brent Anderson)
  • Extraction and Chemical Analysis of Urushiol in Schinus Terebinthifolius (Dylan Myers and Paige Twiddy)

Presented at FURC 2014

  • Effects of Plastic Bag Coverage on Growth of Enteromorpha (Erika Steele)
  • Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Inoculum Fungi (AMIF) on the Overall Growth Rate of Rhizophora Mangle and Laguncularia Racemosa (Charlotte Garfinkel)
  • The Effects of Holistic Medicine on Propionibacterium Acnes (Frank Skiff)
  • Brazilian Pepper Plants (Schinus Terebinthifolius Raddi) Toxin Effects on Freshwater Organisms (Dylan Myers)

Presented at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists 2014

  • Non-Invasive EKG Study of Burmese Pythons (Maria Myrback in association with the Florida Institute of Technology)