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Man overseeing a cargo loading operation, with an airplane flying in the background.

International Freight Transportation - Certificate Program

The International Freight Transportation Certificate from EFSC is designed to prepare you for a successful career in global business operations. The courses in this certificate program cover essential topics in international transportation, equipping you with the skills needed to manage operations in today's interconnected economy.

It's worth noting that the courses required for this certificate are also part of our Transportation and Logistics A.S. degree program. This means that you have the opportunity to earn both credentials simultaneously, expanding both your knowledge and career prospects!

Transportation and logistics careers are available in various domestic and global industries, playing a crucial role in the functioning of ports, railways, trucking, and air cargo systems.

With this certificate, you'll be prepared for entry-level positions in transportation and distribution, warehousing, inventory management, operations management, purchasing, and more.

International Freight Transportation - Certificate Program

Program Overview

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College Credit Certificate (CCC)
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Online Only
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International Freight Transportation Certificate - Course Curriculum

In this certificate program, consisting of five courses, you'll delve into the global environment and explore the complexities of international business. Along the way, you'll cover topics such as efficient purchasing, warehousing, and international shipping and transportation requirements. It's important to note that prerequisites or consent from an instructor may be required for some courses within this program. In a short amount of time, this certificate will introduce you to various career paths within the industry and provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field!

International Freight Transportation Certificate - Admissions Information

If you're interested in the International Freight Transportation certificate, you can apply through EFSC's standard enrollment process. The program has rolling admissions, allowing you to apply and begin classes in any term. If you have any questions or need assistance with registration and planning, an EFSC academic advisor is available to help you out.

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

The cost of in-state tuition for this program is around $1,560, excluding additional expenses like course materials and any lab fees. Since this certificate program is shorter, it does not qualify for Federal financial aid. However, you can use Florida Bright Futures Scholarships, Florida Prepaid, or the Nelnet Payment Plan to help cover tuition costs. Additionally, there are opportunities to apply for Titan Scholarships provided by the EFSC Foundation, scholarships offered by external organizations, and Veterans Educational Benefits, should you qualify.

College Courses You Would Take

You have the flexibility to study and complete all five courses of this certificate program online, giving you the freedom to learn from anywhere. As a full-time student, it's possible to complete the certificate in a single semester, while part-time students may take a bit longer.

Check out the cards below to explore some of the specific classes included in this program:

Why Study International Freight Transportation at EFSC?

Learn Directly From Experienced Professionals

The faculty members in Eastern Florida's Transportation and Logistics program have professional backgrounds in various fields, such as strategic logistics management, retail logistics, forecasting and demand management, organizational management, accounting, and project management. This means that you'll benefit from a wide range of experience-backed instruction and gain exposure to different industry perspectives as you progress through the program.

Many Potential Career Directions

The need for skilled transportation and logistics professionals is increasing worldwide. After all, they play a crucial role in various transportation operations! This certificate can be a great starting point for building a career or continuing your education in this field.

Furthermore, by pursuing EFSC's Transportation and Logistics A.S. degree, you can explore potential career paths such as inventory management, supply chain design and planning, warehouse design and management, distribution network design and planning, procurement and supply management, and freight transportation.

Related Transportation and Business Programs

If you're considering the International Freight Transportation CCC, Eastern Florida offers other degrees and certificate programs that you might find interesting! It's worth exploring additional programs in fields that complement and enhance your career prospects, such as management and business administration.