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An 18-wheeler-style truck with a trailer attached parked at a docking bay in an industrial area.

Intermodal Freight Transportation - Certificate Program

As a transportation and logistics professional, you'll play an essential role in both national and global business operations! The Intermodal Freight Transportation Certificate from Eastern Florida can open doors to future career opportunities across various business sectors.

This certificate program focuses on teaching you the fundamental aspects of transportation operations. You can expect to gain knowledge about the modern complexities of intermodal transportation in today's competitive environment.

Having a comprehensive understanding of logistics makes you a strong candidate in the job market. Careers utilizing these skills can be found in all business industries and are critical components of ports, railways, trucking, and air cargo operations.

This 18-credit-hour certificate program helps prepare you for entry-level roles in purchasing, inventory management, operations management, transportation and distribution, and warehousing.

The credits you earn in this certificate program can also be applied to the Transportation and Logistics A.S. degree here at EFSC.

Intermodal Freight Transportation - Certificate Program

Program Overview

Certificate Type
College Credit Certificate (CCC)
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Online Only
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Intermodal Freight Transportation Certificate - Course Curriculum

The courses in this certificate program focus on the key aspects of intermodal transportation and the efficient management of inventory, purchasing, and warehousing. It's important to note that certain courses may have prerequisites or require consent from the instructor before you can enroll.

This program provides an introduction to various career paths within the industry, giving you a glimpse of the options you might want to pursue. It also equips you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the field of transportation and logistics.

Intermodal Freight Transportation Certificate - Admissions Information

To apply for the Intermodal Freight Transportation Certificate program, you should follow Eastern Florida State College's standard admissions process. This program offers rolling admissions, giving you the flexibility to apply and begin classes in any term. If you need assistance getting started, the program advisor and program manager are ready to help. They can answer your questions about the program and guide you through the enrollment process.

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

For the Intermodal Freight Transportation CCC at Eastern Florida, the total cost of in-state tuition and fees is around $1,875. Please note that this does not include expenses for course materials or lab fees. The certificate program is eligible for Federal financial aid, so you can explore various financial aid options to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

College Courses You Would Take

All six courses in this certificate program are available entirely online. That means you'll have the freedom to study and complete coursework from anywhere! If you're a full-time student, you can expect to finish the certificate in as few as two semesters, with part-time students taking a little longer.

Explore the cards below to discover some of the specific classes included in this certificate program:

Why Study Intermodal Freight Transportation at EFSC?

Learn From Professionals in the Field

The faculty members in EFSC's Transportation and Logistics program bring extensive professional experience in areas like organizational management, accounting, project management, strategic logistics management, retail logistics, forecasting, and demand management.

This means that as a student, you'll benefit from a wide range of perspectives and receive instruction based on real-world experiences. The diverse expertise of the faculty enriches your learning journey and ensures you receive valuable insights from different viewpoints.

Expand Your Career Options

The skills and knowledge you gain in this program open up career opportunities across various business sectors. Transportation and logistics professionals with experience and education are found in a number of transportation settings, and this certificate is a significant step toward building a career in the field or continuing your education.

If you decide to also pursue EFSC's Transportation and Logistics A.S. degree, you can explore potential career paths such as warehouse design and management, distribution network design and planning, inventory management and control, supply chain design and planning, procurement and supply management, and freight transportation.

Related Business and Transport Programs

If you're interested in pursuing the Intermodal Freight Transportation Certificate, EFSC offers several other degrees and certificate programs that you might find valuable to explore. These programs cover a range of related fields, such as entrepreneurship, management, business operations, and more. Take the time to check out these additional options and see how they can enhance your career prospects!