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A.A. CORE Courses

The general education core course requirement applies to all students who are entering into any programs under the 2022-23 catalog year and beyond, regardless of prior postsecondary coursework. This includes transfer students, students entering with prior postsecondary coursework, and students from out-of-state.

Under the requirement, students must successfully complete at least one core course from each of the general education subject areas: Communications, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, pursuant to s.1007.25(3), Florida Statutes, and SBE Rule 6A.14.0303.

Below are the designated CORE courses at Eastern Florida. Note: Successful completion of a course for which a CORE COURSE is an immediate prerequisite, or the equivalent honors course, will satisfy the CORE course requirement. View the EFSC Catalog for details on how CORE courses fit into the A.A. degree's general education requirements.


ENC 1101 - Composition 1


MAC 1105 - College Algebra
MAC 2311 - Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry
MGF 1106 - Topics in Mathematics
MGF 1107 - Explorations in Mathematics
STA 2023 - Statistics


ARH 2000 - Art Appreciation
HUM 1020 - Introduction to the Humanities
LIT 1000 - Introduction to Literature
MUL 2010 - Survey of Music Literature
PHI 2010 - Introduction to Philosophy
THE 2000 - Theatre Appreciation

Social/Behavioral Sciences:

AMH 2020 - US History since 1877
ECO 2013 - Principles of Economics 1 (Macroeconomics)
POS 2041 - American National Government
PSY 2012 - General Psychology 1
SYG 2000 - Introduction to Sociology

Natural Sciences:

AST 1002 - Introduction to Astronomy
BSCC 1005 - Fundamentals of Biology
BSCC 1010 - General Biology
CHM 1045 - General Chemistry 1
EVR 1001 - Introduction to Environmental Science
PHY 2048 - General Physics 1
PHYC 2053 - College Physics 1