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Civic Literacy Exam Preparation

The required coursework will cover many topics included in the 80 questions on the test. It's also recommended students utilize the following free test preparation resources before taking the exam, starting with Eastern Florida's Study Guide in our LibGuide system.

EFSC Florida Civic Literacy Exam Study Guide

Explore additional exam preparation resources:

⇒ Landmark Supreme Court Cases [Review of these cases is strongly recommended]

 U.S. Citizenship Test Study Resources

 Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Supplemental Guide and Sample Test Items
Please Note: The purpose of these FDOE sample test materials is to orient faculty and students to the nature of the test content and test questions on the Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE). The content included in the Supplemental Guide is not intended to replace associated coursework or other preparation methods required to demonstrate civic literacy, as described in Florida Statute. The sample questions and answers are not intended to demonstrate the length of the actual test. Student performance on the sample test should not be used as a predictor of performance on the actual test, and neither the sample test nor the supplemental guide should be used to guide classroom instruction.

⇒ Florida Department of Education's Civic Literacy web page [Additional resources list at DOE site to foster civic literacy and help with exam preparation]