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Channel Information

WEFS-TV is a publicly-owned television station operated by Eastern Florida State College. The station boasts a diverse range of original programming, featuring both national and locally-produced content.

This content is broadcast on its primary channel, WEFS 1, as well as three additional channels with distinct focuses:

  1. Classic Arts Showcase: This channel is dedicated to making the classic arts accessible to a wide audience.

  2. NASA's Education Channel: Catering to educational institutions, schools, and science museums, this channel provides informative programming while also offering live coverage of significant space missions.

  3. The Florida Channel: Situated within the Florida State Capitol building, this channel offers public affairs programming. It receives funding from the Florida Legislature and is operated by WFSU-TV. It serves as Florida's primary source for unedited, live coverage of events involving the Governor and Cabinet, the Legislature, and the Supreme Court.

Channel Numbers by Provider

Over the Air
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 68.1
  • WEFS 2 (Classic Arts Showcase): 68.2
  • WEFS 3 (NASA's Education Channel): 68.3
  • WEFS 4 (The Florida Channel): 68.4
Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia Counties:
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 1068 (HD)
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 455 (plus channel 9 in Brevard County)
  • WEFS 2 (Classic Arts Showcase): 456
  • WEFS 3 (NASA's Education Channel): 457
  • WEFS 4 (The Florida Channel): 458
Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 381 (HD)
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 204
  • WEFS 2 (Classic Arts Showcase): 206
  • WEFS 3 (NASA's Education Channel): 205
  • WEFS 4 (The Florida Channel): 207
Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 381 (HD)
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 68 (HD)
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 30 (HD)
AT&T U-Verse
  • WEFS 1 (Primary EFSC Channel): 68