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Parking Regulations

The parking procedures for Eastern Florida State College were developed in accordance with regulations set forth by Florida Administrative Code and the EFSC Administration and Board of Trustees.

Any person in control of a motor vehicle (including motorcycle, scooter, or moped) who wishes to park or leave said vehicle standing on campus is subject to the provisions outlined herein. Vehicles parked on the campus of any of the Eastern Florida State College properties must display a valid parking decal or temporary parking permit, which is available from any Security Office on each of the campuses.

EFSC students and non-EFSC students will be charged an annual fee ($40, plus tax) for the parking permit if purchased in Fall Term, with the decal valid for Fall, Spring and Summer Terms. After Fall Term, a Spring/Summer Decal is available for $20 (plus tax) when purchased in either Spring or Summer Term. Faculty, Staff and Visitors will not be charged.

General parking regulations, including lot designation and parking fee rates, are updated as needed and shared via this website.

Parking Pass Regulations

Parking permits are to be displayed and affixed to the left (driver’s side) rear bumper or the outside left (driver’s side) rear window of the registered vehicle.

Parking permits are not refundable and are non-transferable from one vehicle to another.

Please see Security if you have a vehicle problem to obtain a temporary parking permit.

Temporary parking passes are available for guests, visitors and other parking situations that may warrant a temporary pass and will be evaluated by an authorized agent of the college. Temporary Parking Passes are available at the Security Desk on each campus.

Student Parking Rules
  • Park only in White-Lined Stalls
  • Do not park in the Yellow-Lined Faculty Lots
  • Do not park in Visitor slots
  • Do not park in Reserved slots

You will receive ticket(s) if you fail to follow these regulations. Failure to pay the ticket(s) fines will result in a Financial Hold on your Student Account.

I. General Parking Provisions
  1. All decals must be clearly visible and properly displayed to be valid (adhered to the lower left hand side of vehicle’s rear window, or left hand rear bumper).
  2. Decals are not transferable between parties or vehicles. They can only be used by the vehicle and person for whom it was assigned.
  3. Vehicles parked on campus must be in operational condition and currently registered with the DMV. Security will be notified of vehicles that will be parked overnight on the campus property. Prior permission from the campus Sergeant or appropriate college official is required.
  4. Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only. Parking along campus roadways, interior paths, or on campus landscaping is prohibited.
  5. Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles are prohibited from parking at bicycle racks. All such vehicles must utilize the motorcycle pads provided within the lots or regular, appropriate parking space.
  6. Double parking is prohibited on any campus roadway or parking lot.
  7. No vehicular repairs or maintenance will be made on campus except under emergency conditions and with approval from the Campus Sergeant.
II. Parking for the Disabled
  1. A number of parking spaces on each campus have been reserved for the disabled. These spaces are typically located in the lots and rows closest to the buildings.
  2. All vehicles using a disabled parking space must display a valid DMV issued license plate or placard. All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must also display a valid college parking permit.
  3. Any unauthorized use of a disabled parking space or fraudulent use of a handicap plate or placard will render the violator subject to citation from campus security and/or municipal authorities.
III. Short-Term Visitor Parking

The campuses have designated Visitor parking spaces. These spaces are intended for visitor parking. No parking permit is required to park in Visitor parking. However, these spaces are strictly monitored and parking citations will be issued to those vehicles that violate this rule. Students must park in student parking regardless of the intent of the visit or business on campus.

IV. Parking Enforcement

All parking enforcement activities, including the issuance of parking citations and citation appeals will be conducted in a fair, equitable and objective fashion as prescribed by college policy.

V. Parking Permits - Students
  1. All students who anticipate bringing a vehicle on an EFSC campus or property are required to purchase a parking permit for the vehicle.
  2. A EFSC student is required to apply for a parking permit online, once this is successfully completed, the student will print out the Temporary Parking Permit. This is a mandatory step in the process to obtain a parking permit.
  3. The student will bring the printed Temporary Parking Permit to one of the campus distribution centers to receive the annual parking permit.
  4. The student's account will be charged for the parking permit based on the fee schedule.
VI. Process for Obtaining Student Parking Permit
VII. Parking Permits - EFSC Faculty, Staff and Other
  1. All faculty, staff, and adjuncts are required to have a new EFSC parking permit affixed to their vehicle.
  2. Multiple permits are allowed for each owner. However, each permit is assigned to only one vehicle and is non-transferrable.
  3. There is no cost to faculty, staff, and adjuncts for parking permits.
VIII. Process for Obtaining EFSC Faculty/Staff Parking Permits
IX. Temporary Permits
  1. Temporary permits may be issued to contractors, workers, and other persons whose presence is temporarily required on the campus in connection with college-related business. These permits will be issued only for the duration necessary for the completion of the college-related business.
  2. In cases where an alternative vehicle is brought on campus by a student or employee, a temporary parking pass can be issued by the Security office on each campus.
  3. Temporary parking passes are valid until the date indicated on the pass.
X. Appeals
  1. All persons receiving traffic citations, issued by Campus Security, the penalty for which is a monetary fine and/or other disciplinary action, shall have the right to appeal the citation.
  2. Warning citations are considered as being informal in nature, do not entail a specific penalty, and are not appealable.
  3. The Sergeant of the campus where the violation occurred has been designated as the primary hearing officer for parking and traffic appeals.
  4. Upon receiving a parking/traffic citation, the person desiring to appeal the citation shall, within a period of not more than three (3) days, contact the Sergeant and a time and place of hearing shall be scheduled as soon as practical. Failure to declare notice of intention to appeal in a timely manner shall be considered as forfeiture of standing to appeal the citation.
  5. An informal hearing will be held, during which time the person affected by the citation may offer statements, as well as present evidence and witnesses in support of the appeal. The Sergeant shall then consider the evidence presented and matters in the extenuation or mitigation of the offense and render a decision as to whether the appeal is granted or denied.
  6. In the event the appeal is denied, the person filing the initial appeal will be informed that within a period of three (3) days, he or she may make a final appeal, in writing, to the Chief of Collegewide Security. Failure to file this secondary appeal in a timely fashion shall be considered as forfeiture of standing to make this appeal.
  7. The Sergeant shall ensure that all documents incidental to the appeal are in order and all requisite data entries have been made.
XI. UCF Parking Permit
  1. UCF students are required to purchase a parking permit from EFSC to park their vehicles on EFSC properties.
  2. UCF faculty and staff are not required to purchase a parking permit. However, they are requested to obtain a permit if they will be parking on EFSC property.
XIII. UCF Staff and Faculty
  1. UCF faculty and staff do not have to purchase a parking permit. However, they are required to have a permit on their vehicle to park on EFSC property.
  2. Visit the how to get a parking permit section for details.