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Healthy Body Healthy Mind

A toolkit of wellness resources for EFSC students

Having a healthy mind is key to your overall health and well-being — and research has shown that a healthy body plays a key role in your mental health. Making time for recreation and creative activities plays an important role in developing the physical and mental resiliency you need to cope with the challenges of being a college student, including academic pressure, social demands, and financial stress.

Use the resources on this toolkit page to help you enjoy the benefits that come from a positive connection between a healthy body and mind, especially around stressful exam times and deadlines. Plus check the buildings on your campus for our new digital messaging screens with timely updates on events and info to help you achieve a healthy, successful collegiate experience.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

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Active Life = Healthy Body

Staying active and eating healthy all play a role in not just your physical health, but also your mental well-being. To support the body/mind connection, we offer recreational and exercise options right on campus.

Healthy Mind Habits

Watch this video to find out about wellness habits that can help you relax, ease stress and anxiety, and cultivate a healthy body and mind. Need help developing a holistic approach? Reach out to a Success Specialist at an EFSC Titan Success Center.

What is Anxiety?

Do you experience excessive and unrelenting worry? In this video learn about anxiety, and you can reach out to EFSCares, our free, confidential student assistance program, which may include one-on-one counseling, other behavioral health services and/or referrals.

Fighting Social Isolation

Richard Molina shares advice on dealing with the social isolation that can be part of transitioning from online to in-person learning. If needed, you can reach out to EFSCares, our free, confidential student assistance program, which may include one-on-one counseling.

988 Crisis Hotline

This video has been designed to promote what 988 is, how 988 works, and the importance of having a national suicide and crisis lifeline. If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988 or visit

Mental Health Treatment

Learn how treatment and support make it possible for people with serious mental illness such as major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia to manage their disorder and live healthy and rewarding lives. You can reach out to EFSCares, our free, confidential student assistance program, which may include one-on-one counseling, other behavioral health services and/or referrals.

Change Upsetting Thoughts

We all have thoughts that make us feel upset from time to time and can really get in our way and aren’t helpful. There are steps you can take to help turn those upsetting thoughts around. Watch to learn what's called Catch It, Check It, Change It.

The HBHM Initiative

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind (HBHM) initiative and toolkit web section are designed to help Eastern Florida State College students be successful in school and in life through a holistic approach to wellness.

Time Management

Time management = less stress. Explore tools and strategies to manage and balance your time! In this video workshop by EFSC Career Services, you'll learn the healthy time management habits that help you be a successful student. Plus you can take the time management quiz used in the workshop.

Overcoming Holiday Stress

Dr. Doreatha Fields from our EFSCares counseling program shares advice on dealing with the anxiety and stress that can accompany any holiday season throughout the year.

Supporting Your Wellness

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Mental Health Checklist

Start with this checklist for insights on your overall wellness.

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Student Counseling

EFSCares is a free, confidential student assistance program available to all enrolled students.

EFSCares Info
Image of the Melbourne Campus weight room showing different machines like treadmills and leg presses

Fitness & Recreation Facilities

Relieve stress and stay healthy with options on each campus.

Details by Campus
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Titan Support Centers

Access a holistic approach to student success, with resources, events, and Success Specialists.

Locations & Services
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Student Clubs

Make connections through groups focused on topics of interest to you, plus have fun!

Clubs by Campus
students of all abilities

Accessibility Services

Disability accommodations are coordinated by SAIL: Student Access for Improved Learning.

Mr Titan holding food and other assistance items

Serving Those in Need

Check out the campus-based Titan2Titan food pantry and professional clothing closet.

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Recharge & Connect

Charge your devices and connect with other students at our solar-powered stations.

Locations & Info

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind Toolkit Resources List

Use these links to access non-profit and government resources that have been vetted as services and information you can trust on your wellness journey. If you have questions about anything on this toolkit page, or want help with an EFSCares referral reach out to your campus SAIL team as they facilitate connecting students with the confidential services that make a wellness difference.

  1. 211 Brevard: 24/7 Local Help & Crisis Line
  2. 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Website
  3. The Daily Thrive: 30-Day Wellness Challenge
  4. Physical Activity: CDC Info & Resources
  5. I'm So Stressed Out: PDF
  6. ¡Estoy Tan estresado! PDF
  7. Anxiety: When Worry Gets Out of Control
  8. Ansieddad: Cuando la preocupación se sale de control
  9. Anxiety & Depression Association
  10. Anxiety: Foods That Help Reduce It
  11. Suicide: Warning Signs
  12. Señales de advertencia sobre el suicidio
  13. Find Treatment: Confidential Mental Health & Substance Abuse Referral Site
  14. Bipolar Disorder: Signs in Young Adults
  15. Trastorno bipolar: Los indicios en adultos jóvenes
  16. Depression in Women PDF
  17. La depresión en las mujeres PDF
  18. Teen Depression: Beyond Moodiness
  19. La depresión en los adolescentes
  20. Eating Disorders
  21. Trastornos de la alimentación
  22. Seasonal Affective Disorder: More than Winter Blues PDF
  23. Trastorno afectivo estacional PDF
  24. Mindfullness Coach: Free Mobile App
  25. Telemental Health: Virtual Treatment
  26. ¿Que es la telesalud mental?
  27. Mental Health Screening Tool
  28. Health Topics A-Z: National Institutes of Health
Healthy Body Healthy Mind metal finish line with group of runners

On-Campus 3K: Focusing on Wellness

On April 27, 2024, EFSC students, faculty, staff, and the general public participated in a 3K walk/run benefiting the Healthy Body Healthy Mind student wellness initiative.

3K Photo Album