Estimated Academy Expenses

The Law Enforcement Academy is a significant investment in your future. The Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center (BPTC), which handles all applicant screening, charges academy applicants $525 for processing as of July 1, 2023, plus a $50 fee for the Physical Abilities Test. After selection for the academy, an applicant will have various tuition, fees and related expenses to pay. BPTC's screening fees are nonrefundable. View details on the BPTC screening process.

Non-residents pay a higher tuition rate by Florida law. For questions about residency please contact Eastern Florida State College's Office of Admissions at 321-433-7300.

Estimated Cost of Academy

Tuition: (Florida Resident) $2.56 per clock hour x 770 hours $1,971.20
(Non-resident) $10.25 per clockchour x 770 hours $7,892.50
BPTC Screening   $525.00
Physical Abilities Test Fee   $50.00
EFSC General Application Fee   $30.00
Graduation Fee   $20.00
Books   $88.00
Lab Fees   $565.80
Uniforms   $376.00
Total Approximate Cost for Florida Resident   $3,626.00
Total Approximate Cost for Non-Florida Resident   $9,547.30

All estimated costs are subject to change without notice. Tuition rates are at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, Eastern Florida State College. BPTC has no control or discretion in tuition, fee, or any cost associated with the Law Enforcement Academy. You may qualify for scholarships or other financial aid as outlined below.


Eastern Florida State College's Financial Aid Office coordinates the scholarship process for the Academy. Many scholarships are need-based, but some are directed at specific groups, such as children of deceased law enforcement officers, residents of certain communities, etc. There are several that are competitive scholarships with qualifiers other than financial need. Students interested in applying for scholarships can do so through the online Titan Scholarship system inside the myEFSC portal. By completing one scholarship application students have access to the entire database. For more information visit the EFSC Scholarships section of the website.

Financial Aid

Academy students may qualify for occupational re-training assistance, grants, loans or other forms of assistance. For more information contact the EFSC Financial Aid office at 321-433-5759.