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Law enforcement academy students training with car

Law Enforcement Academy - Certificate Programs

Are you at least 19 years old, have a high school diploma, and want to work as a Law Enforcement Officer or Auxiliary Officer in the state of Florida? Eastern Florida State College's certificate programs provide minimum standards education for officers as required by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

EFSC's Law Enforcement Academy partners with the Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center (BPTC) to select students for Academy classes.

The BPTC performs all screening and testing verification because Academy applicants must first take the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT), a requirement of the State of Florida to enter any law enforcement academy, or must qualify for a CJBAT exemption. During screening, applicants must also pass the Physical Abilities Test and satisfy a background check.

Upcoming Law Enforcement Academy Start Dates

Review screening and selection process details in the How to Apply section below and start that process at least four months before the academy start dates.

July 22, 2024
October 28, 2024

Law Enforcement Academy - Certificate Programs

Program Overview

Certificate Type
Career & Technical Certificate (CTC)
Delivery Method
Total Clock Hours
Academic Community
Public Safety
Advising Contact

Brevard Police Testing Center
Melbourne Campus
Building 8, Room 101
321-433-5638 or

Once the BPTC prepares a class roster of qualified applicants, the Public Safety Institute's program coordinators will follow up with prospective students and provide complete information on the next steps to enter the Academy.

Law Enforcement Academy COURSE CURRICULUM options

EFSC offers the Law Enforcement Academy full-time during daytime hours, Monday through Thursday, at select times throughout the year, with the Academy lasting approximately 22 weeks. Evening, part-time and auxiliary officer Academy classes are created as the need warrants and last about eight months.

EFSC's Public Safety Institute offers three curriculum options in the Academic Catalog that lead to a Career and Technical Certificate (CTC).

⇒ The most popular is the Florida Law Enforcement Academy CTC, which prepares graduates to take the State Officer Certification Examination to work as a law enforcement officer in Florida, through a 770-clock-hour curriculum.

⇒ Applicants who have served in the U.S. Military special operations forces for a minimum of 5 years, and met other requirements, can enter the Law Enforcement Academy with a CJBAT exemption and prepare for the State Officer Certification Exam with a reduced 490-clock-hour curriculum due to prior military training.

⇒ The Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer CTC is a 360-clock-hour curriculum that prepares graduates to take the State Officer Certification Examination to work as an Auxiliary Officer in Florida.

All three CTC options follow the same application and pre-screening process described in the next section about how to apply to the Law Enforcement Academy.

How to Apply for Law Enforcement Academy Screening

The Brevard Police Testing Center offers year-round screening for the EFSC Law Enforcement Academy, but classes are finalized eight weeks prior to the start of each Academy. The screening, testing, application, and selection process requires about four months from CJBAT to approval. Applicants should plan accordingly.

Complete the Full BPTC Screening & Testing Process

That BPTC page includes all information needed to apply, including information about when students should submit the EFSC General Admissions application if they are not already an EFSC student.

If you are already working as a Correctional Officer, you may be eligible for EFSC's Crossover certificate program which can lead to certification as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Brief Academy Costs & Financial Aid Eligibility

Estimated costs for the 770-clock-hour Florida Law Enforcement Academy CTC total about $3,872 for Florida Residents.

The Florida Law Enforcement Academy CTC is eligible for Federal financial aid and students are encouraged to apply for financial aid, plus apply for scholarships that can reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Due to the shorter clock-hour length of the Auxiliary Officer CTC and Special Operations Forces Recruits CTC, those two certificates are not eligible for Federal financial aid. However, there are other options available to help you cover the costs for these other programs. You can use the Nelnet Payment Plan to manage your tuition payments. Additionally, if you have a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship or a Florida Prepaid account, you can use those funds toward your education. Veterans may be eligible for Veterans Educational Benefits, and there are scholarships offered by the EFSC Foundation and external organizations that you can apply for.

Related Public Safety Programs

As you explore the Law Enforcement Academy training, here are some other programs you might be interested in. Each of these programs will list an academic advisor who can help with planning.