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Office Specialist - Certificate Program

Are you intrigued by the prospect of working in an office setting? Look no further than Eastern Florida State College to kickstart your career in office administration! The Office Specialist Certificate is the perfect starting point, equipping you with the necessary skills for a wide range of office-based work environments.

The program's six courses lead to a valuable College Credit Certificate (CCC) that can be immediately put to use in your job. This comprehensive program focuses on developing hands-on professional skills and instilling confidence, highly sought-after qualities in various business and office settings. Graduates with this certificate have the advantage of multiple career options and opportunities.

Designed to provide a solid foundation in computer applications, mathematics, and business communications, the Office Specialist Certificate is ideal for students aiming to excel in an office environment. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for existing employees seeking to widen their skill sets or transition into different roles.

Office Specialist Certificate - Course Curriculum

The 18-credit-hour CCC can be earned as a standalone certificate or the credits earned can be applied toward the associated Office Management A.S. degree. All of the courses are delivered 100% online, giving you the freedom to tailor your studies to fit your schedule and preferred learning environment.

Office Specialist - Certificate Program

Program Overview

Certificate Type
College Credit Certificate (CCC)
Delivery Method
Online Only
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If you've completed or are currently taking eligible Brevard Public Schools career tech courses in the Accounting, Business Technology or Finance areas, you may be eligible to receive advanced standing credit toward your Office Specialist certificate. Similarly, if you hold certain industry certifications, you may be eligible for free college credit through an articulation agreement.

If either the high school credit or industry certification options might apply to you, you could save both time and money, so be sure to contact the program advisor for individualized guidance as you enroll.

Office Specialist Certificate - Admissions Information

If you're interested in the Office Specialist CCC program, you can apply and start during any term, as it has ongoing admissions. Simply follow the regular EFSC application process. The program does not require any placement testing or have general education requirements, but we do recommend that you have above-average grades in high school English because of the emphasis on business communication.

If you have any questions as you enroll, reach out to the program advisor or the admissions team.

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

The Office Specialist CCC at Eastern Florida comes with an estimated cost of approximately $1,875, which includes in-state tuition and fees. It's important to note that additional expenses, such as course materials and lab fees, are not included in that estimate.

The program is eligible for Federal financial aid and scholarships, which can help to reduce your overall expenses. Take the initiative to explore these options.

College Courses You Would Take

The Office Specialist Certificate consists of six carefully chosen courses that lay a strong foundation for your future in an office environment. By completing this program, you'll develop excellent customer service skills, effective communication abilities, efficient records management techniques, and proficiency in various office management tasks.

Here's a closer look at four of the classes:

Why Become an Office Specialist Through EFSC?

Put Your Skills to Work

The program offers personalized attention and practical learning experiences, focusing on soft skills and professionalism, in addition to hands-on skills such as such as computer proficiency, typing and keyboard skills, customer service, and business communication. Faculty members act as employers, guiding you on how to interact with supervisors and colleagues in a professional office environment. With this certificate, you'll be well-equipped to secure entry-level positions like office clerk, office assistant, or customer service representative.

Level Up Your Education

With the certificate's online format, you have the opportunity to secure an entry-level office administration job while simultaneously continuing your education at EFSC — perhaps by obtaining the Office Management A.S. degree. If you choose to go on to earn the A.S. degree, it can seamlessly transition to one of EFSC's Organizational Management Bachelor of Applied Science tracks, which are designed for easy transfer for Associate in Science graduates.

Earn Industry Certifications

Professional certifications can enhance your résumé, increase your salary, and are valued by employers as a sign of expertise. At Eastern Florida, you can take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification test, which is highly beneficial for those pursuing a career in office administration.

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