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Office Management - Certificate Program

If you're considering a career in office administration, Eastern Florida's Office Management Certificate is a great starting point that will prepare you for various business and office roles.

In just a few semesters, you can earn a College Credit Certificate (CCC) that can also be applied toward EFSC's Office Management A.S. or immediately used in the workforce.

With this 27-credit-hour certificate, you'll be qualified for entry-level office positions, such as office clerk or office assistant, in different business environments. The best part is that you can complete this certificate entirely online, giving you the flexibility to study in a setting and at a pace that suits you.

Office Management Certificate - Course Curriculum

The courses offered in this certificate program will enhance your skills and knowledge while fostering the technical abilities required for a thriving career in an office environment.

If you've completed or are taking eligible Brevard Public Schools business courses at your high school, you may be eligible to receive advanced standing credit toward your certificate. Plus, if you hold certain industry certifications, you may be eligible for free college credit through an articulation agreement.

Office Management - Certificate Program

Program Overview

Certificate Type
College Credit Certificate (CCC)
Delivery Method
Online Only
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Academic Community
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If either the high school credit or industry certification options apply to you, you could save both time and money, so be sure to contact the program advisor for individualized guidance as you apply to the program.

Office Management Certificate - Admissions Information

If you're interested in the Office Management CCC, you can apply easily through EFSC's regular enrollment process. The program accepts applications and starts classes in every term, so you have the flexibility to choose when to begin.

This program doesn't have any restrictions on access, meaning you can join without any placement testing or general education requirements. That makes the program a great choice for many students, but especially for adult learners who want to return to college to add office skills after a long break from school. It does help to have earned above-average grades in high school English because of the focus on business communication.

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

If you're considering Eastern Florida's Office Management Certificate, the total cost, including in-state tuition and fees, is around $2,810, which does not include course materials or any lab fees.

There are potential options to reduce the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. Many students may qualify for financial aid assistance or scholarships, which can help to make the program more affordable.

College Courses You Would Take

Classes in this nine-course certificate program focus on developing various essential skills like technical, interpersonal, professional, customer service, communication, and organization skills. Additionally, you'll gain competence in office management and administration.

As you progress through the program, you will take classes such as:

Why Study Office Management at EFSC?

Certification Options Boost Salaries

If you want to increase your salary, improve your résumé, and stand out to employers, obtaining professional certifications is a smart move. One example is the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification, which you can test for at EFSC. This certification is particularly beneficial for individuals pursuing a career in office administration. By earning the MOS Certification, you'll gain a valuable asset that showcases your expertise in Microsoft Office tools and enhances your employability.

Related Degree and Certificate Programs

If you're interested in the Office Management Certificate, you might find other programs at Eastern Florida that align with your goals as well, including the Office Management degree that your certificate credits can count toward. After earning an A.S. degree, you can also move on to an EFSC business Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree.