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A woman medical assistant with a nurse and doctor at a bedside in the background

Medical Assistant CCC Application Process & Entrance Criteria

This program begins every Fall and Spring, at both the Cocoa and Palm Bay Campuses. Seats are limited and registration is first-come, first-served. There is no selection point system used to admit students.

Applicants must carefully review the Entrance Criteria & Course Information, which includes support courses that must be completed before students can register for the core medical assisting courses.

Interested students must apply following the Application Process below, and should apply by Eastern Florida's Priority Deadline for the term in which they want to start support courses in order to allow time to complete admission requirements.

Entrance Criteria & Course Information

The information below is provided to help ensure the student’s success. Please click on each category and read the content thoroughly. Current and future students should work closely with a health science advisor and the program manager as they plan their course of study.

Registration Criteria & Course Sequencing

Entrance Criteria: Placement Testing and Prerequisite Course Requirements

To qualify for entrance into the Medical Assistant Specialist CCC program, the student must: 

  1. Meet College Placement Test Requirements and be college-level in Reading
    • If you are a First-Time in College (FTIC) student, you must meet the placement test requirements by either submitting college placement test scores, qualifying for an exemption, or taking a Common Placement Test such as the PERT at an EFSC Testing center. See more on College Credit Placement Testing, including how to qualify for an exemption.
    • You are not allowed to take any science courses for this program unless the reading-level requirement is met, reading developmental courses have been passed or the PERT Reading test was passed successfully). Any reading developmental course(s) MUST be passed prior to program acceptance (core courses).
  2. Have completed required Support Courses to enter the program. Completion of these courses will be confirmed by a Health Sciences Advisor at the start of regular registration for your intended program start. (Course registration start dates are on the Academic Calendar). 

Support Courses

These five courses are part of the CCC curriculum and must be completed before you are allowed to apply for and enter the program's Core Medical Assistant Courses.

Support Courses Required to enter program
Course Course Name Credits
BSCC 1010 General Biology 4
BSCC 1084 Survey of Anatomy & Physiology 4
CGS 2100 Microcomputer Applications 3
HSCC 1000 Introduction to Healthcare 3
HSC 1531 Medical Terminology 2
Suggested Course Sequencing: CCC Core Courses

Core classes are offered on the Cocoa and Palm Bay campuses (Core classes begin with MEAC or MEA). RTE 1092 is also a core course, and is taken on the Melbourne campus.

Below is an example of suggested course sequencing for Fall and Spring starts. (All courses must be completed in the terms prior to be eligible for the MEA 1808 Practicum).

Fall Term Start Cohort

Fall Term start rquired courses
Term Course Number Course Title Credits Course Length (weeks)
Fall MEAC 1205 Clinical Competencies 8 12
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator 2 12
Spring MEAC 1336 Administrative Competencies/Coding 8 16
  MEAC 1260 Medical Office Lab Procedures 4 16
Summer MEA 1808 Medical Assistant Practicum Experience 6 4

Spring Term Start Cohort

Spring Term Start required courses
Term Course Number Course Title Credits Course Length (weeks)
Spring MEAC 1336 Administrative Competencies/Coding 8 16
  MEAC 1260 Medical Office Lab Procedures 4 16
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator 2 12
Fall MEAC 1205 Clinical Competencies 8 16
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator (if not taken Spring term) 2 12
  MEA 1808 Medical Assistant Practicum Experience 6 4
Information about MEA 1808 "Final Class"

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MEA 1808 Practicum Experience - 6 Credits (4 weeks) Signature Required: All courses (support and core) must be complete with a "C" or better to register for MEA 1808. Signature by Program manager/instructor is required for the course. Regardless of academic grades in each core class, students must pass clinical competencies performance including work ethics, critical thinking, time-management and multi-tasking. If the student is not clinically capable in the opinion of the clinical faculty, the student will not be allowed to complete the final phase of the program; therefore, the student will not graduate from the program.

This course is offered Summer Term or Fall Term ONLY — Off-site, in a Physician's Office

This is a graduation program requirement. The course is 6 credits and tuition is payable by the student or through financial aid assistance.

(If taking MEA 1808 in Fall Term, students must register at the beginning of the fall semester with MEAC 1205.)

  • This course is Monday through Friday and a 40-hour week minimum or more.
  • Transportation to and from is your responsibility.
  • You should remember this is coming and financially adjust throughout the year.
  • You should allow for childcare and other life issues that may prevent you from going to site as expected each day.
  • Because you are responsible for a 40 hour or more daytime week, working is not advised.
Applicants: Review the Program Difficulty Level Information

Even though it is only a one-year program, the Medical Assistant College Credit Certificate (CCC) program does require time and commitment, as do any of EFSC's Health Science programs. The subject matter is designed to be interesting and challenging and requires an individual to be self-motivated, disciplined, with good time management skills, and a passion for learning.  Although it is not recommended students work during the program due to the commitment necessary for success, many students do juggle employment and families while attending college courses.

The program's faculty members take pride in preparing students to become an active and autonomous member of the healthcare team, and ultimately a true healthcare professional. If you are interested in helping people, want to become a healthcare professional, and are motivated, self-disciplined and have a true passion for learning, this program is right for you!

How to Apply for the Medical Assistant CCC

While the Medical Assisting Specialist CCC does not use a selection point system to admit students, it does have Entrance Criteria and Support Course Prerequistes that applicants must review and satisfy before being accepted into the program's core Medical Assisting Courses.

Review Program Requirements with a Health Sciences Advisor

See a Health Sciences Advisor to go over Entrance Criteria, testing requirements, and to set up a course plan for completing prerequisite classes.

Students with myEFSC Portal access should schedule an appointment using EAB Navigate. Future Students with no EFSC login, use the link below. You will then be contacted via email with confirmation of your appointment.

Request Advising Appointment

Verify EFSC General Admissions Status (Current, New, or Returning)

Students must be current students at Eastern Florida State College before they can apply to the Medical Assistant Specialist program. 

NEW STUDENTS:  For students new to EFSC, complete the EFSC online application for admission. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be paid before the application can be processed.

Please note that application processing can take up to 14 days due to the current volume of applications. Check your email frequently for your acceptance letter.

In addition, new EFSC students need to

  • Submit official High School Transcripts (or GED® scores) to General Admissions.
  • Submit official transcripts from any and all colleges attended prior to EFSC (if applicable)
  • Provide FL Residency documentation, complete the New Student Orientation, and finalize any other EFSC General Admissions requirements.

RETURNING STUDENTS:  Returning/readmit students who have not completed a course in the past year must also re-apply online. There is no application fee for a readmit application. Readmit Students need to

  • Submit official transcripts from any and all colleges attended since their last enrollment at EFSC (if applicable).
  • Provide FL Residency documentation and complete any other EFSC General Admissions requirements.

CURRENT STUDENTS: Current Students may move on to the next step.

Submit Official Transcripts

ALL OFFICIAL college and/or high school transcripts or GED® scores must be sent to:

College Admissions Office
Eastern Florida State College
1519 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, Florida 32922

  1. Transfer students: Request all previous schools to send an official copy of all transcripts to the EFSC Admission's Office.

  2. International students: If you attended high school and/or college in a country other than the United States, when you submit your transcripts you must speak to the International Student Services Advisor to determine any further steps that must be taken to determine your grade point average and transfer credits.
Submit the Medical Assistant Specialist Online Program Application

Complete the online Health Sciences Program Application for the Medical Assistant Specialist CCC program for the campus of your choice. (Be sure to apply for the College Credit Certificate program and NOT for the follow-on A.S. degree).

Ideally you should submit this special program application no later than the start of course registration as posted on the EFSC Academic Calendar for the term in which you intend to start core courses. Please Note: If your interest in applying is after that date, contact a health sciences advisor to see if seats may be available for a late application.

There is a $25 non-refundable fee for this application to be paid online or at a campus Student Accounts office prior to registration for core classes.

Complete Prerequisite Support Courses

Remember that applicants must have all of their prerequisite support classes completed before registering into the CCC program. Completion of these courses will be verified at the start of course registration by the Health Sciences Advisors. See Entrance Criteria for list of required support courses.

Equal Access Policy

Eastern Florida State College is dedicated to providing a nondiscriminatory environment which promotes equal access, equal educational opportunity, and equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, race, national origin, color, ethnicity, genetic information, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, marital status, veteran status, ancestry, or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment.

EFSC recognizes the rights of students and applicants with disabilities, including those with hepatitis B, under the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.