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Info Session Follow-Up:

As you review the program details below, you can also watch the Info Session recording, which includes details about this specialization. Get in touch if you have questions.

Computer Project Management - Computer BAS Specialization

Ready to take your career in technology to the next level?

Eastern Florida State College's Computer Project Management BAS Track is designed to prepare you for a mid-level management role in the field of computers.

It focuses on teaching you how to plan, coordinate, test, and oversee computer-related activities.

In today's technology-driven world, there's a high demand for project managers. By completing this specialization, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue exciting career positions, such as IT Manager or Computer Systems Administrator.

Throughout the program, you'll learn about information security, as well as techniques for collecting and analyzing data in order to improve organizational processes and enhance the quality of work for users.

Computer Project Management is one of five specializations available under EFSC's Computer Information Systems Technology Bachelor of Applied Science degree. You must choose a track and can earn the degree once.

Computer Project Management BAS Track - Course Curriculum

In this program, you'll apply techniques for collecting data and analyzing information systematically, with the aim of improving productivity. Plus you'll write computer programs and mobile applications, and build and execute a software testing plan.

Computer Project Management - Computer BAS Specialization

Program Overview

Degree Type
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)
Delivery Method
On-Campus, Hybrid
Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville
Total Credit Hours
Academic Community
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Contact Information

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        Palm Bay      

One of the advantages of this BAS specialization is its flexible scheduling, perfect for adding a degree while working a job. You can choose between in-person classes on the Melbourne Campus or hybrid courses that combine online and face-to-face learning — making it easier to balance your studies with other commitments.

Please keep in mind that you'll also need to take two prerequisite courses in addition to your bachelor coursework: COP 2334: Introduction to C++ Programming and STA 2023: Statistics. If you haven't taken these courses before entering the program, don't worry; an EFSC advisor can assist you with course planning.

Computer Project Management BAS Track - Admissions Information

To enroll in the Computer Project Management Specialization, you'll need to go apply using EFSC's regular admissions process for a bachelor's degree. This involves following the usual steps for enrollment and being mindful of upcoming application deadlines.

The program accepts students for the Spring, Summer, and Fall Terms, which begin in January, May, and August respectively, each year.

Eligible students must have completed either an Associate in Science (A.S.) or an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree from a regionally accredited college. Please be aware that an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree does not meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

If you hold an AAS degree and are interested in transferring to this Bachelor of Applied Science program, we recommended that you consult with a bachelor advisor to review your coursework and determine the best transfer options.

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

When you enroll in a bachelor's degree program at EFSC, you need to a total of 120 credit-hours to earn the degree. However, by entering the program with an associate degree, you will have already fulfilled 60 of those credit-hours. This means you only need to complete the remaining 60 credit-hours, which include about 39 hours of upper-level major courses on the fee schedule.

The estimated tuition for these remaining 60 credit-hours, including tuition and general fees, is approximately $7,200 for in-state students. Please note that this does not cover the additional expense of course materials or lab fees.

We highly recommended that you apply for financial aid, Titan Scholarships facilitated by the EFSC Foundation, and community-based external scholarships. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help you to manage the cost of your education and make it even more affordable!

Plan Ahead: Save Money Through the $10,000 Degree Bachelor Program

If you're interested in this degree specialization, it's eligible for EFSC's $10,000 Bachelor Degree Program. You could qualify for this program, which is designed to help you manage your expenses over four years of study, if you plan to earn an associate degree at EFSC and then pursue one of the Computer Information Systems Technology BAS degree tracks. Review the details at that link above and work with an advisor if interested.

College Courses You Would Take

The curriculum includes courses that are common to all five specializations of the Computer Information Systems Technology degree, plus specific required and elective classes for the Computer Project Management specialization. Bachelor classes can fill quickly. So once you're accepted, plan to register for courses in a timely way to ensure you get the classes you want, in the delivery method you want.

Here are some of the courses you'll take:

Why Earn Your Computer Information Systems Technology Degree at EFSC?

Gain Hands-On Experience Through an Internship

In your final semester, you'll have the chance to participate in an internship involving supervised work experience in an approved training environment.

This is a valuable opportunity to develop the right attitudes and skills needed for success in the Information Technology (IT) industry, plus build your professional network by connecting with others in the field.

Advance Your Career

Earning a Computer Information Systems Technology bachelor's degree from EFSC offers a multitude of benefits for advancing your career in the technology industry. Alongside a strong foundation in computer science, information systems, and business management, the program provides real-world training and exposure to the latest technologies and industry practices. This ensures that you're well-prepared and job-ready upon graduation, giving you a competitive advantage in the high-demand technology field.

Related Computer and Technology Programs

As you consider your specialization choice, take the time to explore the other four track options available under the Computer Information Systems Technology BAS program using the buttons below. This will give you a broader understanding of the program and help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, you may want to explore associate degree programs that equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition into this bachelor-level program. If you need assistance or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to a bachelor advisor through the info in the overview box.