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Current EFSC Grants Information

The Eastern Florida State College Grants Development Office successfully submits grants each year. The grants awarded from the local, state, and federal levels help the College in fulfilling its mission and strategic goals. Grant dollars assist in offsetting expenses within the College as well as provide employment opportunities, scholarships, and the development of College certificates that lead to baccalaureate degrees. The following table displays the current grants and information is subject to change and will be updated as new details are available.

EFSC Grants

Title Total
Funder Principal
HEERF: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund  (Institutional Portion) $33,630,425 6/30/2024 U.S. Department of Education Laura Maxwell
Florida Job Growth Grant (AeroForce) $4,000,000 12/31/2036 Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Frank Margiotta
Florida Job Growth Grant (ACTIVATES) $3,790,020 5/24/2028 Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Frank Margiotta
TRiO Student Support Services $1,694,845 8/31/2025 U.S. Department of Education Eric Moss
Perkins V $690,978  6/30/2024 Florida Department of Education Stephen Taylor
Mental Health Resources $750,000 5/31/2024 Florida Department of Health Bino Campanini
Florida Community Service Grant $370,400 6/30/2023 Florida Department of Education Andrew Chalanick
Manufacturing, Engineering and Education Program (MEEP) $148,175 12/30/2023 U.S. Department of Defense Frank Margiotta
Small Business Development Center Florida $90,000 12/31/2023 U.S. Small Business Administration through the University of West Florida Robin Braswell
Catalyst Award: Exploring Free Living Nematode Microbiome through Marker Gene - Based and Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing of Single Nematodes $54,994 08/31/2024 National Science Foundation Eyualem Abebe
Engineering Pathway Scholarship Grant $24,000 5/8/2024 NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium Mevlut Guvendik
Hybrid Rocket Launch Grant $1,500 5/8/2024 NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium Michael Daniels