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The Grants Process at EFSC

Grants management at Eastern Florida State College is a collaborative effort between the principal investigator (the individual applying for the grant) and their supervisor, the Grants Office, Accounting, and administration. The Grants Development Office supports, but does not manage, funded projects and provides principal investigators and their supervisors with an overview of pertinent federal, state, and university laws, rules, and regulations. All grant proposals, amendments, and contracts related to funded projects must first gain approval through the Grants Development Office.

Helpful tips for preparing a grant application or proposal: 

  • Keep your audience in mind.
  • Start preparing early! Many recurring grants use similar guidelines each year, so you can use a previous year’s guidelines to get a head start on an anticipated grant application.
  • Remember the Three Cs of Effective Communication: 
    Be clear, concise, and consistent.
  • Use the Grants Development Office as a resource! We are here to ensure you are meeting guideline requirements, assist you in finding relevant grant opportunities, proofread applications, and more. 

Anthony Delletiglie, 321-433-5694
Cocoa Campus, Building 2, Room 159

Devlin Deveney, 321-433-7136
Cocoa Campus, Building 2, Room 160

If you have a specific grant and project in mind, please use the links below to complete the appropriate online Grant Concept Approval Form, which will be routed for necessary approvals upon submission. The link will require you to log in with your EFSC credentials. Do not create a Dynamic Forms account or create a bookmark for the form, as the form will not be submitted properly. Should any issues arise, please contact the Grants Development Office, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Grant Concept Approval Form (Faculty)

Grant Concept Approval Form (Staff)

EFSC Grants Procedures Manual

Grants Process Flowchart