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Contact Information

Questions about conducting research at EFSC should be directed to:
Mark Quathamer Ed.D.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Email Dr. Quathamer


Conducting Research at EFSC

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) supports faculty and staff who would like to conduct research related to higher education student and employee experiences.

To gain approval to conduct research the investigator must be employed by EFSC and the research must a) be considered exempt from IRB oversight based on 45 CFR 46 §46.104 (Exempt Research); and/or b) be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

EFSC's Office of Institutional Research can assist in determining exempt status, but EFSC will not review or approve non-exempt studies.

Submitting a Research Proposal

Faculty and staff can submit a request to use EFSC as a research site. When requesting assistance with reaching a potential sample of staff, faculty, or students for survey and/or interview research, administrative approval is required.

Non-exempt research may only be approved if investigator obtains approval of another institution’s IRB. Once approval of another IRB is obtained, the investigator must provide the approval letter to the Office of Institutional Research along with additional information listed below.

To obtain administrative approval for survey and/or interview research, regardless if the research is exempt, investigators must provide a description of the research that includes the following:

  • Purpose, methodology, and background information/literature review
  • Consent process and plan to keep data confidential
  • Intended sample and sample size
  • Finalized survey instrument or interview protocol

Please submit all documents using this Research Request Form.

If you have not had your research reviewed by another IRB and need assistance determining if it is exempt, submit all the above items and request an exempt research review.