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Registration and Financial Responsibility Agreement

NOTE: Terms and Conditions of this Registration and Financial Responsibility Agreement must be agreed to in order to proceed with registration, both online or in person. Bring a signed copy when registering in person. Students have the option not to agree and not to register.

[Download a printable version of the Registration and Financial Responsibility Agreement]

Thank you for choosing Eastern Florida State College. In addition to all Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) academic standards and policies, I hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions specified in this Registration and Financial Responsibility Agreement in order to enroll for courses at EFSC. I also agree to abide by rules and regulations described in the EFSC Catalog and EFSC Student Handbook.

I acknowledge that any activity I conduct through EFSC indicates my agreement to the specified terms and conditions, including my agreement to be financially responsible to EFSC for payment of all tuition, fees and related costs of enrollment for classes in which I am registered whether or not I attend the class.

I understand that course(s) must be dropped before the end of the drop period in order to be eligible for a full refund. It is my responsibility to drop my classes as the college will not automatically drop them for me.

I acknowledge that if I withdraw from a course(s) after the end of the drop period, or if I am administratively withdrawn for non-attendance or other reasons, I will be responsible for repaying any applicable Bright Futures Scholarship funds, Federal Title IV financial aid funds, or any other amount due as a result of the withdrawal. Any reduction in financial aid based on nonattendance will result in a balance due to EFSC.

I understand past due student account balance will result in a financial hold, which prevents future registrations as well as other services being offered in accordance with college policy. I understand and agree that EFSC will withhold transcripts, diplomas, and other services until all outstanding balances have been satisfied in full.

I acknowledge that all outstanding obligations (along with appropriate personal information including social security number) may be referred to an outside collection agency and credit reporting bureaus.

I understand that I am responsible to reimburse EFSC the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage not to exceed 33% of the debt, including attorney fees and court costs.

In addition, I agree to allow EFSC and its agents to contact me at any cell phone number that I provide now or use in the future, using automated telephone dialing systems, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, or personal calls regarding my obligation to repay my debts to the EFSC.

I also authorize EFSC or its agents to contact me via my address or an email address that I provide to EFSC. I understand that others may be able to review my messages and/or emails related to my debts send to or from EFSC including their contents, which may include information about my debt and its status.

I understand that EFSC uses Titan E-mail, a free student email system, as the official means of communication for registered students. Financial Services utilizes this system for notifications regarding student accounts. Students should maintain and check their EFSC e-mail accounts regularly.

I understand this agreement shall be construed in accordance with Florida law, and any lawsuit to collect unpaid fees may be brought in the appropriate court sitting in Brevard County, Florida, regardless of my domicile at the time of bringing such action.

I understand by registering for courses to attend at EFSC I am agreeing to all terms and conditions set forth herein above and agree to the incorporation of any other related documents. I enter into the Registration and Responsibility Agreement with full knowledge of its legal implications and without coercion and/or promises made to me by EFSC. I also agree and acknowledge that prior to agreeing to this Agreement, I had the right and option to discuss the terms and conditions herein with a private attorney at my sole expense.