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Mr. Kelly Fletcher, Manager
Training & Staff Development

Training & Development

We are committed to the personal, professional, and career development of staff and faculty. This maintains institutional vitality, fosters organizational development, promotes professional enrichment, and encourages personal growth and lifelong learning.

The training mission begins with mandatory online training courses for all new employees within the first month of employment covering important policies and procedures, and to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. The Training team will email the required training list to new faculty and staff with instructions on how to complete them. Each employee’s supervisor will determine any additional trainings that may be required. Our team also assists with the adjunct faculty training and orientation process.

The College's Training and Development team provides optional training topics to enhance our employees' skills. All full-time faculty, full-time staff, and regular part-time staff may participate in training and development sponsored events.

There are several ways to search or view current training options or you may log in to view the record of your completed training sessions.

Professional Development through EFSC Courses

EFSC employees can increase their knowledge and skills through college credit programs and courses and also through non-credit, continuing education courses. The application and registration process for college credit courses is the same as it is for anyone, so follow the admissions and enrollment steps as needed. Continuing education courses have a separate registration process that is explained on the web page for each course and that is subject to the additional guidance below. Tuition reimbursement or waivers may be available for both credit and non-credit options.

Non-Credit Course Processes

  • The Training and Development team will work with the Workforce and Perkins Programs team to assist with coordination and to identify eligible courses.
  • Find Non-Credit courses by using the non-credit tab on the website's Class Schedule Search page.
  • Limitations on course availability may exist due to instructional costs, software licensing, or other issues.
  • Individuals must meet course prerequisites and/or requirements.
  • Participation is contingent on space availability, with paying students receiving priority.
  • For non-credit courses, once participation is approved, tuition may be waived through the Workforce and Perkins Programs.
  • Employee will be responsible for any textbooks, lab fees, supplies or other incidentals.