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Worker's Comp Contacts

Report ALL workplace injuries to your supervisor. Coordinate treatment and other questions through:

Darla Ferguson

Dawn Allen
321-433-7079 or 321-433-7070

Worker's Comp Info Sheet

Workers' Compensation

All employers in the State of Florida are required to have a program of managed care in place for workers' compensation injuries. ALL treatment for work-related injuries or illnesses will be referred through this network. There will be no exceptions.

Please see the Worker's Comp Info Sheet for additional details. To coordinate treatment, or for questions, call Dawn Allen at 321-433-7079 or 321-433-7070.

Reporting an Injury to Your Supervisor

When an employee is injured on the job, the College has a responsibility to see that any needed medical treatment is provided; the employee has a responsibility to report the injury in order to receive medical treatment. Reporting an injury is not optional. Failure to provide timely information subjects the College to expensive fines and penalties under the Workers' Compensation Law. It can also affect the employee’s eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.

On-the-job accidents, injuries, or occupationally-incurred illnesses must be reported to the Human Resources Office immediately by the employee's supervisor.

When a vehicle accident occurs on campus, the driver will notify Campus Security Office; the staff will offer assistance and call 911 when necessary. Whenever a College-owned or College-rental vehicle is involved in an accident, irrespective of the cause, severity, or fault, the driver must contact the appropriate law enforcement agency as soon as possible. The traveler must notify the immediate supervisor, Human Resources, and the Security Office once personal injuries have been addressed.

Campus Security is not responsible for the Accident/Incident Report regarding an injured employee. It is the responsibility of the supervisor and the injured employee to report an injury and to complete the required forms. Security should be notified when an accident/injury occurs so that they may offer their assistance in handling the case.

Medical Attention

Contact Dawn Allen, Office of Human Resources, at 321-433-7079 or 321-433-7070 to obtain an appointment with an authorized physician to receive treatment for a work-related injury. In the event of an emergency situation, the employee should proceed to the nearest hospital.

Absence from Work

Each employee is entitled to a maximum of 12 days of sick leave per calendar year when an injury or illness is due to a job-related activity. These leave days are non-cumulative and will be granted at full pay, provided that:

  1. The Office of Human Resources is notified of the situation within 2 working days after the injury or illness is sustained;
  2. An Accident/Incident Report (including a physician's statement describing the ailment and verifying the disability) is submitted to the Office of Human Resources within 2 working days after the beginning of the illness or injury;
  3. Leave of Absence Request Form has been submitted.

An employee, absent from work due to a work-related injury, will be allowed to draw time from his/her vacation leave and up to the 4 days allowed of personal leave in order to receive a full paycheck. An employee will be allowed to utilize sick time for a work-related injury.

Employee/Supervisor Responsibilities Summary

  • The employee must report any work-related accident/injury/illness to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor must complete an Accident/Incident Report within two business days.

When an accident/injury/illness is serious:

  • If emergency room treatment is necessary, the injured/ill employee should proceed to the nearest hospital.
  • The injured/ill employee must notify supervisor as soon as possible.
  • The supervisor will notify the Office of Human Resources immediately.
  • Human Resources will refer employee to an authorized physician for treatment, provide an identification form, and report the injury/illness.
  • The supervisor or employee will complete the Accident/Incident Report within two business days from the date of the work-related accident/injury/illness and send the form to the Office of Human Resources.
  • The employee (or supervisor, if employee is incapacitated) will submit a Leave of Absence Request Form within two business days from the accident/injury/illness.
  • The employee, determined by a physician to be unable to work, must stay in contact with the supervisor on a weekly basis.
  • The employee has a duty to follow doctor’s instructions when recuperating from a work-related injury/illness.
  • A statement from the treating physician stating the nature of the disability and the expected duration of the disability must be submitted to Human Resources by the employee in order for HR to authorize an absence from work due to a work-related injury/illness.
  • The employee must provide a release form from the treating physician in order to return to full duty.

These rules apply even when an employee has an accident in which the employee feels that he/she was not injured or when there is an accident/injury in the College parking lot when the employee is leaving the workplace. Security should be called for assistance in handling an accident/injury; however, Security is not responsible for completing the Accident/Incident Report