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Science2Practice Journal

The Professional Development Council (PDC) is pleased to publish the inaugural issue of Science2Practice, a new online peer-reviewed academic journal, sponsored by the PDC and hosted by the Florida Virtual Campus.

Access the Online Science2Practice Journal

Higher education faculty and staff fulfill two roles simultaneously, that of scholar (as researcher or content expert) and practitioner (as teacher). To honor, support, and showcase this, the Science2Practice Journal was developed.

In its pages, you will find the promotion of the scholarship of teaching and learning across all disciplines in developmental, post-secondary, technical education, and industry training. It is our intention to showcase innovative instructional design, assessment techniques, and co-curricular activities and programs, as well as share evidence-based research findings across multiple disciplines.

We also want to encourage our students to participate in and publish the results of empirical research. As such, a research article co-authored by a student (and their faculty mentor) who has participated in our Institution’s Undergraduate Research Exhibition is included in the inaugural issue. Moving forward, we plan to include at least one student paper annually.

How to Submit to Science2Practice

Article submission is open to all of our colleagues in higher education. Whether your focus is curricular or co-curricular, we would love to hear from you.

Types of submissions may include, but are not limited to: empirical research findings, essays or editorials, innovative lesson plans or assessments, article or book critiques, literature reviews, news and trends (topics, issues, and trends in higher education teaching and learning), summary of conference proceedings, and teaching tidbits.

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer or submitting an article, please contact Katina Gothard, Editor at